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Our Top 3 Favourite Insta-Cats

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Who doesn't love an adorable kitty picture to brighten their day? With the advent of social media, fur parents everywhere are sharing their kitties with an adoring public. If you need a little furry inspiration to brighten your Insta feed, this post is for you! 

Here are our favourite 3 Insta-cats to add to your feed.

Richard Kitty 



Adopted from a pet shelter in LA six years ago, Richard Kitty has a unique condition called complete heterochromia. This caused him to have two different yet strikingly beautiful eye colours- pale blue and light green. 

Richard lives near LA, California, and enjoys soaking up the sun with his musician parents. His mom Maya told Modern Cat magazine, "I think people love Richard for the same reasons I fell for Richard the day that I adopted him from a local shelter during an adult cat rescue fair—he’s an odd-eyed, beautiful, loving, confident cat with a personality so fascinating that it leaps out of all of his photos."

Hamilton the Hipster Cat 



Born on the 4th of July, this dapper gentleman is followed by fans around the world. They can't get enough of his charming moustache (yes, it's real!) and feline antics. His page features adorable photos and the occasional video of Hamilton. 

But what many fans don't know is that Hamilton was actually a feral cat. His owner, tech recruiter Jay Stowe, went to a pet shelter to adopt a male cat. The shelter, run by the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, only had two males available--a cuddly kitten and Hamilton, who would hiss at anyone who tried to pick him up. After a volunteer picked Hamilton up and put him in Stowe's arms, he immediately fell asleep. "I couldn't leave without him," Jay told Business Insider. Although the transition to becoming an indoor cat was difficult, both Jay and Hamilton became good friends. 

When Stowe began posting photos of his adorable fur baby on Instagram, it didn't take long for his account to take off. After reaching 550,000 followers in the fall of 2014, he gave the account to Adopt-A-Pet so they could use it for promotional purposes. Then Hamilton started a new account, which has skyrocketed to 819,000 followers in just a few years. He continues to delight fans with regular posts, his own photo-editing app, and even a calendar line. Pretty impressive for a former feral kitty! 

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Lil Bub 



With over 2 million IG followers, Lil Bub is one of the most popular Insta-kitties ever! Born with several genetic abnormalities, including extreme dwarfism, Lil Bub is one amazing kitty. She is the only recorded cat to have osteopetrosis. This is a serious health condition where her bones grow more dense as she gets older. Thanks to some good advice, she began electromagnetic treatments, which helped tremendously. She is now able to run and jump as never before!

Despite her serious health problems, Lil Bub leads a very happy life. "She is always full of wonder, always calm, and surprisingly comfortable and at peace in just about any situation. She loves to travel and gladly sits on her dude's lap in cabs, subways, planes and even his shoulder as he walks around outside." (Source)

What an adorable + brave dwarf kitty! For more on dwarf cats, read our post here.

Let's Chat:

Which of these Insta-kitties was your favourite? What cats do you enjoy following on Insta? Share your favourites in the comments!

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