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Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

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It’s one of those cat habits that make you scratch your head in disbelief. Why would your cat, for the umpteenth time, chow down on grass and then vomit it back up 15 minutes later? Wouldn’t your cat remember that it made her vomit last time, too? While this behaviour doesn’t make much sense at first, there are several reasons why your cat eats grass.

Read on to learn 3 possible reasons for why your cats eat grass.

Grass provides folic acid.

According to the website, grass contains folic acid in its juices. “This is an essential vitamin for a cat's bodily functions and assists in the production of hemoglobin, the protein that moves oxygen in the blood.”  Folic acid is required in the synthesis of DNA, production of oxygen, and metabolism of fat. Cats with a serious folic acid deficiency may even develop anemia. If they aren’t getting enough folic acid in their food, cats eat grass to supplement their diet.

Grass has a natural laxative effect.

Because cats clean themselves with their tongue, they swallow a lot of hair. Although much of that hair is expelled in the form of hairballsa portion of that hair continues to travel down the digestive tract. Eating broad grasses is believed to produce a laxative effect for cats. This helps prevent indigestion and improve digestive health. 

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Grass helps clean out your cat’s stomach.

Because your cat eats the entire prey, she swallows the fur, bones, and feathers, too. However, she can’t digest those parts of her food. Eating grass (which is also indigestible) forces her to vomit in order to clean out her stomach. Although it’s uncomfortable, it makes her feel better afterward.

In conclusion, eating grass is not actually a harmful habit for your cat. Cats eat grass for several legitimate reasons. Grass provides folic acid and helps their digestive systems and stomachs function properly. 

Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, ensure that your household plants and garden plants are all non-toxic. If your cat enjoys grass, it’s a good idea to grow a small tray of chemical-free grass for her. That way, your cat won’t ingest harmful pesticides and herbicides.

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