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Spoil Your Feral Cat with these ‘Purr fect’ Gifts To Use in Their Outdoor Cat Houses

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When you think of giving, buying something for your outdoor cat isn’t something that instantly comes to mind. What’s more, some feral cat owners find it challenging to get their cat a gift, because their cats love the outdoors. Though taking care of your feral cat and loving them does the job, a personalized gift is something that will surely remind your cat of your affection every time they use it.

If you decide to treat your outdoor cat to a gift, we’ve rounded up a few thoughtful gift options to choose from that would make them feel special.

1. Soft Heating Pads

Perhaps you want to find your furry friend something that keeps them warm on cold nights? And what better to provide the much-needed warmth than a soft heated pad. The pad is a superb orthopedic cat bed designed to keep your cat warm and relaxed even in winter temperatures. They feature rugged super-soft PVC, water-resistant abilities and either measure 14" x 18" or 19" x 24" inches. The pads will consume low wattage and include a free fleece cover. These are intended to be used in a sheltered environment such as our cedar cat houses.

2. Hard Heated Pads

Quite similar to soft heated pads, hard heated pads, on the contrary, come with outstanding chew resistant features and all-rounded edges that minimize the cat’s gnawing surface. They feature an 18-inch steel-capped power cord and use 25 watts of power to keep cats warm once they lay on it. Best of all, the setup adapts to and adjusts the heat to your cat’s body temperature. The hard heated pads also are intended for use in a sheltered environment such as a cat house our shelter.

3. Round Door Inserts

Round Door Inserts are an add-on for our cat houses and are an excellent gift for cats who love to squeeze through spaces or find spaces to curl in. They add an urban style to the house that sets them apart from other cat houses.

4. Vinyl Door Flaps

There is no better way to protect the entrance to your felines outdoor house from wind and rain than with a Vinyl door flap. These flaps are an add-on for our feral cat houses and are the perfect way to allow access and egress while still providing some protection from the elements. Since cats barely have the skill to operate doors, this flap allows your cat to effortlessly and safely enter and exit their houses. The flaps consist of flexible and wide-enough cut strips to keep wind and weather elements at bay while also significantly preserving heat inside.

5. Center Divider for Duplex Cat Houses

The Center Divider for our Duplex Cat House is a smart piece of equipment for multiple cats who may not like sleeping in the same quarters. Both Large or Small alternatives are available (only for our Duplex Cat Houses). The divider is made from removable plywood and is designed to perfectly slide in the middle of your duplex cat house. As well, Centre dividers ensure that each cat has their own space and can choose from the two space options available making entry from one of the two doors of the duplex. Note: Center dividers for Duplex Cat Houses should be purchased at the same time as you purchase your hand-made cat house for perfect fit.

6. Extra Doors

Extra Doors are a great gift for your feral cat but can only be purchased at the same time as you buy your feral cat house. Why? Because extra doors require another opening to be cut into your house and the door installed by the UnderCover Pet Houses team. Extra doors provide next-level access, so that your cat can conveniently walk in and out of their shelter freely from whichever entrance they choose. Each door has the same dimensions to the front door of your cat house and is fitted in the back wall diagonally across from the front door.

One of the most important things you can do for your outdoor kitty is to make sure they are comfortable and living a quality life. Even if all they want is some quality time outdoors, they would still appreciate something extra that enhances their lifestyle. The listed products make great gifts that will only continue to cement your place in their heart.

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