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4 Weird Cat Behaviours Explained

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Often, cat parents are puzzled by the way their cat behaves. From one moment to the next, cats often act in ways that make no sense to their cat parents. However, cats generally have a logical reason for their behaviour—even the ones that leave you shaking your head. 

Here are 4 weird cat behaviours explained. 


You may notice your cat gingerly dipping her paw into her water dish (in her cat house) and then licking it. Why not just drink out of the dish? Your kitty probably has a very good reason for doing so. Here are a few possible suggestions:

-If the water bowl is too narrow, she may not want to squish her whiskers into it.

-If your cat isn’t sure where the water line is, she may want to paw-dip so she’s doesn’t accidentally dunk herself.

-If she feels nervous around other cats, she may not want to lower her head into the bowl. Instead, paw-dipping will allow her to keep an eye on the other cats.

“He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”

Picture this…your cat jumps up into your lap for a little cuddling. He purrs contentedly for several minutes, soaking up all the attention. Suddenly, he turns around, hisses, and swats your hand. “What on earth just happened?” you wonder. What caused the sudden change in behaviour? Most likely, your cat had reached his tolerance level for being petted. Cat behaviour expert Pam Johnson-Bennett explains, “The behavior, known as petting-induced aggression, happens when a cat gets too stimulated from the constant petting or his body language signals have gone unnoticed. He feels the only way to get you to stop is for him to scratch or bite.” 

To avoid causing this unwanted behaviour, pay close attention to your cat’s body language. If you notice meowing, tail lashing, skin twitching, no more purring, or ears pointing backward, we recommend that you give your kitty a little space.

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Paper Pusher

One of the most unusual cat behaviours is their penchant for sitting on paper. Whether it’s books, binders, or a stray sheet on the table, cats make a beeline for the white rectangles. Why do cats love to sit on paper? There are 2 main reasons for this strange behaviour.

-If you’re reading or writing, your attention is focused on the paper in front of you. If your kitty feels a little lonely, she knows that she’ll definitely get attention if she sits on it. (This also helps explain why cats love tend to sit on computers and desks.)

-If your cat is sitting on a random piece of paper, it’s because she wants to be elevated above her surroundings. Cats love to be elevated—whether it’s on perches or on a piece of paper—and, to her, that piece of paper gives her the equivalent of 6” heels. 

“I’m Not Looking At You”

Have you ever been puzzled when your cat jumped up to sit on your lap, then turned his face completely away from you? You might even feel a little insulted when this happens. Why won’t your cat look at you? Is he upset at you? In reality, your cat is demonstrating his deep trust in you. “If he turns his back on you as he settles down, he’s showing he trusts you and maybe even that he’s going to watch the environment for both of you,” says Johnson-Bennett.

Has your cat demonstrated any of these cat behaviours before? Which of these behaviours was most surprising to you?

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