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14 Weird Cat Behaviors (1)

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Cute and paw-some as they are, cats are not without their peculiarities. They're naturally curious, self-reliant, clever, humorous, and comical, so it isn't surprising that they sometimes act in ways that baffle us as cat owners.

To that end, we did some digging to help cat owners baffled by their feline companion's odd behavior. Keep reading to find out what weird cat habits indicate.

1)Head Bumping and Face rubbing

Cats express their affection by giving head bumps and bops as a form of communication. In doing this, they also convey that you are part of their pack by releasing pheromones in the cheek area to indicate that you are now their property. However, don't feel bad if your cat doesn't give you head butts; cats also express their love for you in many more ways.

Facial rubs are another sign that your cat is pleased to see you and likes you. Petting your cat where they often prefer to be petted will give them the same jolt of energy.

2)Sudden Playfulness

It's common for cats to get quite playful out of nowhere, to the point where they might bite or scratch you if you don't play with them. Your cat's lively nature manifests in its need to interact with and have you participate in physical play.

It's a sign of your cat's mental and physical wellness. Keeping up a regular playtime schedule with your cat can help reduce feelings of stress, isolation, depression, and anxiety.

3)Staring at Nothing

Occasionally, cats may stare off into space. It's unclear what's captivating their attention outside the glass. However, there could be several reasons why your cat is staring out into space, some of which are entirely natural.

Cats can detect even the slightest of movements, so even if you don't spot anything outside, they might. Curiosity comes naturally to them, courtesy of their predatory instincts.

4)Stealing Items

Cats have been given the nickname “cat thief" because some of them will steal pretty much anything they can get their paws on. Despite being adequately provided for in every way, cats frequently display this behavior and steal or collect everything from food, toys, and clothes.

While your cat could steal food due to hunger, they steal other items because they're just being playful, bored, or want your attention. If that's the case, you may want to find your cat a new activity, such as puzzle feeders and mentally stimulating toys, or better yet, schedule regular playtime. Remember, bored cats may be less likely to act out.

It's also possible that cats' natural predatory instincts motivate them to steal and hoard things, even from your neighbors. If you suspect your cat has compulsive tendencies, consult a vet or behaviorist.

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