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5 Best Cat Houses to Keep Your Cat Safe and Warm

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Do you have a feral cat, outdoor cat or an indoor-outdoor cat that needs a quality outdoor house that keeps them warm and safe from predators and harsh weather?

We all know how stressful it can be to keep up with an outdoor cat who loves exploring the great outdoors. But hey, you don't have to be worried about where your cat is or when they come in or go out?

Let us help you with that.

Take a look at these quality outdoor cat house options that are affordable and easy to assemble.

Choosing an Outdoor Cat House

When purchasing an outdoor cat house, check for these features:

  • Durability: Read the product specifications and reviews so that you match the cat house with the location. Some houses require to be placed away from wet conditions, while others can withstand all weather elements.
  • Insulation: If a house is to be a cozy haven for your kitty, it needs adequate insulation for the cold days and winter.
  • Type of Assembly: How easy is it to assemble the outdoor shelter? What tools are you required to put the house together?
  • Safety/Security: Outdoor cat houses should have an entrance that only fits your cat to keep away predators. Alternatively, the house can have a front or back door for escape.
  • Heating: Some houses need to be equipped with a heating pad.

For more and comprehensive information, please read our guide on purchasing outdoor cat houses.

That said, let's proceed to our best outdoor houses for your cat:

1. Standard Insulated Cedar Cat House

Add a touch of class to your backyard with this attractive yet straightforward cat house.

The house comes with insulated walls for warmth and an optional detachable, making it easier to clean. You can also opt for an extended roof so your cats can lounge in the doorway.

It's also made of environmentally friendly cedar wood that resists cracking, mold and rot. Your cats will love rubbing against its textured cedar corners.

NB. The house is available in Extra Large, Large or Small sizes.

2. Cat Houses with a Lounging Deck and Extended Roof

This natural deluxe cedar structure is also an attractive addition to your backyard. A detachable roof makes the house easy to clean, while its raised construction protects it from cold and wet ground.

Buyers are impressed by how well the house is made and praise that it provides a lounging deck for your kitty to hang out. It also features a generous porch roof that helps shield the doorway opening from the elements.

The large option is big enough to comfortably house two cats.

3. Cat Houses with a Platform and Loft

One of the big selling points of this outdoor cat house is its loft-inspired design.

It's designed with your cat's love for high vantage points in mind where they can lie down, watch birds and bask in the sun while easily spotting threats.

The platform also deliberately acts as an extended shelter to keep away elements from your cat. This cat house is also insulated and made of cedar, and sits on stilts for elevation.

Pick it Large or Small sizes and watch it become your cat's second love, after you, of course.

4.Double Deckers & Duplexes

If you need a simple pet house that can house multiple cats, don't look beyond our cedar double-decker & duplex models.

Specifically, the elevated double-decker house saves you space by fitting two cats in a storey house. It's also ideal for cats that love to climb and play together, featuring a lower Deck and an upper lounging deck.

On the other hand, the duplex (Large or Small) comes with a divisible interior where a unique divider is attached to the walls to create a separate shelter for each cat.

Both houses are insulated to keep your cat cozy and will keep out elements.

5.The Dogzebo

This natural cedar structure is an attractive addition to your yard and a comfortable shelter for outdoor pets (including dogs, as you can see).

This sweet-looking shelter is elevated and made of sturdy cedar. It features an open-sided unique design for your outdoor pets (dogs and cats) to lounge while enjoying a 360-degree view of the surrounding events.

It also has a roof for your pet to enjoy the shade and relax, protected from direct sun rays.

For ultimate comfort, you can buy our optional cushion.

Shop Our Expertly Crafted Outdoor Houses Today

Here at the Undercover Pet Houses, we like to consider ourselves as your cat-care partners, offering worthwhile and permanent housing solutions for outdoor cats.

We also offer custom options ranging from Vinyl Door Flaps to the front door to keep out harsh elements around doors, extra doors and heated pads.

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