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5 Easy Games You Can Play with Your Cat

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One of the best ways to bond with your cat is playtime. Your cat may be bored if she just sits in her cedar cat house all day. Playing together helps your cat release energy, gives her exercise, and improves her mood. Whether you are a first-time cat owner or just need a little inspiration to break out of a playtime rut, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 easy games you can play with your cat.

1) Paper Bag

Lay a large, brown-paper grocery bag on its side. Encourage your cat to crawl inside. Then, poke and jiggle the sides of the bag. For bonus points, play a recording of mouse noises on your phone.

Your kitten will love batting at the noise and movements from inside the bag.

2) Chase the Feather 

Cats love to chase feathers! Give your cat an alternative to chasing birds by crafting a DIY feather wand. Here are instructions for how to make your own cat feather wand

Wave the wand at waist level, and let your cat chase it for several seconds. Then allow her to catch it.

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3) Laser Tag

Most cats have a blast chasing a laser pointer. You can buy a laser pointer on Amazon or at your local pet store.

If you’re playing outside, shine the laser around the corners of your heated cat house for winter. Or point it up a small tree for a little exercise.

For safety, never point a laser in your cat’s eyes or at any people. Monitor your cat to ensure she doesn’t develop anxiety or paranoia about seeing the laser when you’re not playing with it.

4) Hide and Seek

Borrow a page from childhood, and play hide and seek with your cat. Hide in an accessible spot, and peek out of it often. You can even hide in the cedar cat house. If your cat doesn’t notice you, tiptoe to another spot.

After a while, come out of your hiding spot and tickle your cat. Then it’s your cat’s turn to hide and chase you.

Be careful not to surprise your cat…always make a little noise before coming out of your hiding spot.

5) Snack Attack

For this game, get out your cat’s favorite treats. Toss one across the floor for your kitty to chase. Cats love this game!

For more fun game ideas, check out this list of easy games from the Ohio State Vet College. 

Always finish your game time with calm, relaxed interaction. If you have a regular playtime, your cat will look forward to it and develop a strong bond with you.

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