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5 Fun Facts about Savannah Cats

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Thinking about a new addition to your family? If you love wild cats, but don't have a zoo handy, why not get a Savannah cat? This crossbreed is small enough for a house pet but has a playful and active personality.

Here are 5 fun facts about Savannah cats.

1. They're descended from wild cats in Africa.

On April 7, 1986, the very first Savannah cat was born. It was the result of breeding a male African serval cat and a domestic Siamese female. Because of their mixed heritage, Savannahs have unique spotted coats. They also have an active, intelligent personality. 

2. They love to interact with people.

If you love to play with your cat and have plenty of time to spend with her, you'll love a Savannah cat. This cat breed thrives on interaction and loves to entertain. Brigitte Cowell, a Savannah cat expert, explains, "The serval has been termed the clown of the veldt, and I find my Savannahs seem to know how amusing their antics can be and play to their audience." Savannahs will form a strong bond with their owners. They also love to play with children and can make a great family pet.

3. They are remarkably long-lived and healthy.

Although Savannah cats are purebred, they tend to enjoy good health. On average, they can live to an age of 12-15 years old (or even longer). You will be able to enjoy your Savannah cat for a long, happy life!  

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4. They each have a special generation number.

Because Savannah cats are a relatively new breed (started in 1986), each Savannah cat has a special number to identify their generation. These numbers are F1, F2, F3, and so on.

What does the F stand for? It means "Filial," referring to which generation the cat belongs.

F1 means that the cat is one of the first offspring of a serval cat and a domestic cat.

F2 designates the second generation- the grand kittens.

F3 identifies the great-grandkittens, and kittens from F4 and up are considered purebred cats.

5. They've won 2 Guinness World Records.

Because Savannahs are remarkably tall cats, they have produced 2 Guinness World Record winners. In 2013, a Savannah named Trouble took the title for Tallest Domestic Cat, measuring in at 19 inches from shoulder to toe.

However, another Savannah named Arcturus stole the title in 2017. He stood just over 19 inches tall. 

Now those are tall kitties!

Let's Chat:

Do you own a Savannah cat? If so, what is your favourite fact about this breed? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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