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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s with your Kitty

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Looking for ideas to celebrate #LoveDay with your favourite kitty? We've rounded up several favourites for you.

Here are 5 fun ways to celebrate Valentine's with your kitty.

Movie Night

If you enjoy watching movies with your kitty, cue up Discovery's Planet Earth on Netflix. Cats love watching the exciting scenes of animals in the wild. Stock up on kitty treats like fish-flavoured crackers, Temptations treats, and catnip. If you treat yourself to potato chips, don't share with your kitty. Although they're not toxic, potato chips are not recommended for cats because of their high sodium content. 

Professional Photo Shoot

For a VIP pet experience, treat him or her to a portrait session. Pet photographers like Stacey of Happy Tails Pet Photography and Tanya of Tanya Hopkins Photography specialize in capturing your pet's personality on film. Or, if you live near a J.C. Penney's store, you can book a pet portrait session with their photo studio. You'll walk away with memories to treasure for a lifetime. And you may even be able to get a life-size print for your living room wall! How fun would that be?

Baking Party

If your cat enjoys food (and let's be honest- what cat doesn't?), you could hold a baking party. Choose some cat treat recipes, purchase ingredients, and get ready to bake up a storm! Here are some fun recipes you could try:

Gummy Bears for Cats

DIY Tuna Cat Treats

Tuna Cat Cakes

While the oven is hot, you could also bake up some chocolate chip muffins for yourself! 

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A Spa Night In

If your kitty likes to be brushed, get out all your grooming tools. Dim the lights, and turn on some relaxing music. Give your kitty a good brushing session, and rub her tummy. She will feel like the pampered diva she truly is!

A Four-Star Feast

If you love being in the kitchen, you may want to prepare a fancy dinner to enjoy together. Here is a sample menu for you (and don't forget dessert!)

Tuna & Catnip Croutons

Salmon Broccoli Cakes

Birthday Cake for Cats

Don't forget to tell your cat how amazing they are, and how thankful you are to have them in your life. It's hard work being that cute all the time!

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