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5 Health Benefits of Owning a Cat

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Whether you are a first time cat owner or a dedicated cat lover, you know that owning a cat is awesome! Cats give us so much pleasure, and they’re always there for us. But you may not know that cats also provide some pretty cool health benefits for their owners.

Read on to discover 5 health benefits of owning a cat.

Cats give you companionship.

“No man or woman can be called friendless who has the companionship of a cat,” said James Lautner. When you own a cat, you are never alone.

You always have a buddy to curl up on the couch and watch the news with. You can cuddle your kitty, play games with her, or just hang out.

When you show kindness to your cat, she will develop a strong bond with you. She may show her affection by slow eye blinks, rubbing her cheek or head against you, and happy purring, says Pam Johnson-Bennett, a cat expert.

Cats reduce your stress levels.

When you spend time cuddling and petting your cat, your brain releases oxytocin and other pleasure-causing chemicals. This causes you to feel relaxed, which reduces stress and helps lower blood pressure.

Because of this amazing benefits, many hospitals, nursing homes, and school have therapy cats. These cats help patients recover faster and reduce their stress levels.

If your cat loves meeting new people, consider volunteering her as a therapy cats. You can volunteer with organizations like Pet Partners or Love on a Leash.

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Cats strengthen your immune system.

You may be surprised to learn that, for people who aren’t allergic to dander, cats actually build up your immune system. They help your body prepare to fight off allergens and irritants, so you’re less likely to develop asthma and allergy-related ailments.

According to a 2011 study, kids who grow up with cats and dogs have a lower risk of developing allergies as adults—both to animals and to other allergens.

Cats help you cope.

If you’re having a tough day, your cat will often notice. She may come by to cuddle up and comfort you. Cats provide a great listening ear. Your cat will be there for you, and she cares about how you’re doing.

Cats make you happy.

Whether it’s watching a cute cat video on Facebook or snuggling up with your kitty, you know that cats make you smile. A 2015 study even reported that watching adorable cat videos boosted positive emotions, decreases negative emotions, and increases energy.

Even if your cats live in outdoor cat houses, they are never far from your heart. Watching them grow from tiny kittens to healthy adults makes you happy, too.

For everyone who owns a cat, we know that owning a cat makes our lives so much better and sweeter.

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