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5 Interesting Facts about Cats

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Have you ever wondered about that fluffy animal that curls up your legs most times you stand still or sit down? Cats are fascinating, adorable and easy to live with. This explains why they are a popular pet in households for more than 4,000 years. While you may know some basic facts about cats such as their fear of water, there are other interesting facts you might not know about.

For instance, did you know that a group of cats is called a clowder? Or, that cats sleep about 70 percent of their lives? What of cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears? 

Well, here are more exciting facts about these indoor pets that you probably don't know about:

1. Cats Spend Almost 50% of the Day Grooming Themselves

Talk about cleanliness, right? Yes, its true cats are one of the cleanest animals on the earth. However, this behavior is known to serve other various purposes apart from just staying clean. First and foremost, the grooming helps them to tone down their scent so they can avoid predators. Secondly, it cools them down, promotes their blood flow as well as distributes natural oils evenly around their coat. This allows them to stay warm and dry. Another beneficial factor of grooming is that the saliva is said to contain enzymes that serve as a natural antibiotic for wounds. Last but not least, grooming serves as a sign of affection between two cats.

2. Hearing Sense, Vision and Smell

Cats have an incredible hearing sense. It is this reason that makes it so easy for them to hunt rats or mice because they hear sound in high and low frequency very easily. Their sense of smell is better than human beings. However, when it comes to color, they have a poor vision.

3. Cats Like Small Spaces

Ever wondered why you find your cat cuddled in a corner or their cat house most of the times? Animal experts explain that it all has to do with how enclosed spaces make them feel. They elaborate that the cats feel more protected, secure and important while cuddled up in enclosed spaces than in an open space. That means when sheltered cats are provided with a box, or a cat house to cuddle up, they adjust faster and seem less stressed than the ones which aren’t. In addition, a comfortable cat house might help the cats retain more body heat enabling them to stay nice and warm thus making them relax.

4. Cats Cannot Taste Sweets

Unlike dogs, sugar and spice and everything sweet holds no interest for cats. Our feline friends are only interested in meat. But not that’s their fault; they are genetically predisposed to not able to taste sweets. Essentially, their taste receptors are prone to react to meat and fats rather than anything sweet.

5. Changes in Routine Make Cats Sick 

Weird but true, when cats experience an unusual event, like a change in feeding schedule, a new caretaker, or location, they tend to start acting sick. Sadly, they can start vomiting or refuse to eat. Meaning, cats love their routine and any disruption usually leads to unusual behaviors.

So there you have it, the 5 interesting facts about cats. Since we stay with them, it’s exciting to learn some new facts about cats that you can share with your fellow cat lovers. 

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