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5 Things You Should Know About Siberian Cats

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With a rich and storied past, Siberian cats hail from Russia's northern plains. Their thick, luxurious coats kept them warm through frozen winters. And their easygoing personality helped them survive difficult upheavals in Russian history. Thinking about getting a Siberian cat for a pet?

Here are 5 things you should know about Siberian cats.

1. Siberians love water!

Because they grew up in the forests of Siberia, this cat breed loves to play in water. They don't mind being bathed, and they like to splash and play in puddles. You may even find your Siberian kitty drinking from faucets or water fountains. While most cats avoid water at all costs, these cats love water!

2. Siberian cats often work well for cat allergy sufferers.

If you are allergic to most cats, the Siberian cat may be the perfect pet for you. This is because Siberians have lower-than-normal levels of FelD1 (a common allergen) in their saliva. According to Catster magazine, "Many people allergic to most cats seem to be able to tolerate the Siberian without a single sniffle or sneeze."

3. Siberians first arrived in the USA in 1990. 

One of Russia's national treasures, Siberians have been a favourite pet of Russian families for hundreds of years. They even made an appearance in Harrison Wier's 1889 book Our Cats and All About Them. 

Due to the Cold War, Siberians were only exported around the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In June of 1990, the first Siberians arrived on American soil. Ten years later, they were accepted for registration with the Cat Fancier's Association, and, by 2006, they began competing in cat shows.

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4. Siberians make a great family pet.

As a breed, Siberians are a great choice for families with children. Their personality is intelligent and easygoing, and they interact well with other pets and children. In addition, they are sensitive to people's needs and will often spend time sitting with someone who seems lonely or discouraged. Siberians do not need a lot of attention to stay happy. They are content to play, cuddle, or just hang out with their people.

5. Siberian cats are highly athletic.

If you're looking for a docile cat who sits on the couch all day, the Siberian cat is probably not for you. These cats are agile, muscular, and playful. They love to jump, run, and even play fetch. However, they are as graceful as a Russian gymnast and (usually) do not cause any damage to your possessions. It's best to keep knickknacks to a minimum if you have a Siberian kitty. Unlike other cats, Siberians are playful and active throughout their lives, which keeps them healthy.

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