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5 Ways to Exercise Your Cat

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For every cat parent, there comes a time in your adult cat’s life where you realize that your cat needs some exercise. The kitten stage has ended, and your cat is getting a wee bit lazy. It’s time for some kitty cardio!

Here are five fun ways to exercise your cat.

1) Walk Your Kitty

Perhaps your cat won’t be fond of this one the first time round. But, like anything, this will take practice. If you thought you talked to a lot of people while walking your dog, you’ll talk to ten times more people if you master the art of walking your kitty on a leash.  However, to play it safe, you’ll need a harness and a collar.

Start by letting your kitty wear the harness around the house when she’s in a good mood. Then, try her for a short stroll around the yard. Increase the length of the walk as your kitty gets used to it. Keep in mind that most kitties will be happiest on a leash when the weather is comfortable and they are well rested.

2) Set Up A Catio

Catios are fenced-in, outdoor patios for cats. Why not allow your cat to enjoy the seasons in his own outdoor spot? Perhaps, your kitty can have a “catio" party—a patio party for cats and their owners. You could serve gourmet cat treats and catnip and dress the cats up in party hats. This might be a fun time to capture photographs of your cat and her friends. Have a professional drop by for some really fun shots!

3) Go Vertical

We all know that cats love to climb. Save your curtains and your couches—just get a cat tree to exercise your cat. This will allow your kitty to expand his territory and give him some exercise. Cat trees can be expensive, but they are well worth it if your kitty is a climber. If you are getting a feral cat house, try getting one with a platform to give your cat a climbing spot.

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4) Provide A Food Puzzle

In zoos, animals are sometimes given food puzzles to keep them from getting bored. They allow an animal to work a little harder for his food. Cat puzzles may require your cat to forage, bat the puzzle around, or roll a ball to get to his food. They can provide hours of fun!

5) Introduce a New Friend

If your kitty is a bit older, a younger cat may be a great idea to get her moving. Some older cats wrestle and play like kittens when they are around younger cats. You may want to foster a young kitten for a weekend and see how your cat enjoys the company!

If you need to exercise your cat, these five ideas will help you get started. Let’s chat…what is your favourite way to get your cat moving?

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