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6 Fascinating Facts About Your Cat’s Nose

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It's not just cute, tiny, and oh-so-squishable. Your kitty's nose is also a complex organ that is constantly sending sensory information to the brain.

Read on to learn 6 fascinating facts about your cat's nose.

It's the most important sense organ in her body.

According to Cats International, cats have over 200 million sensory cells in their noses. In comparison, we humans have just 5 million. Scent helps your kitty locate food and determine if it's safe to eat. And she can even find her way home by following her nose.

It helps her say hello to other cats.

When friendly cats meet, they will sniff each other's noses and bodies as a greeting. It's like the kitty version of small talk. "Hey, how's it going? Just fine, and you?" they might as well say.

It whets her appetite for a tasty dinner.

If you've ever wondered why cats love tuna so much, this is the answer. Unlike humans, cats don't have very many taste receptors on their tongues. Their sense of taste is primarily provided by smell. That means they love smelly foods like tuna!

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It provides invisible clues about other cats nearby.

Because feral cats outline their "territory" with scented markings, your cat will be able to sniff out the presence of other cats nearby. In addition, cats in heat release specific pheromones that only kitties can smell. Doing so advertises that they are ready to mate.

Its color goes with her fur.

Just as people are born with complementary hair and skin tones, cats are color-coordinated, too. White cats have pink noses; orange cats have orange noses; and black cats have inky noses. Some cats even have multicoloured noses or nose freckles!

It has a completely unique "nose-print."

Like a fingerprint, a cat's nose has a one-in-a-million pattern of ridges and bumps. This could provide your cat with a means of identification, but let's hope that modern technology can come up with something easier than ink and paper. That could get a little messy!

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