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6 Fun Facts about Chantilly Cats

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Are you looking for an affectionate cat that is good with kids? Do you love the look of longhaired cats? If so, you should consider the Chantilly cat breed. These beautiful cats are easier to groom than most longhaired cats. And they love spending time with people!

Read on for 6 fun facts about Chantilly cats.

1. They have a mysterious history.

In 1967, Jennie Robinson purchased the first known Chantilly cats at a pet shop in New York. With striking yellow eyes and longhaired chocolate coats, they presented an unusual appearance. Two years later, the cats produced their first litter, with the same unique traits. Jennie registered the cats with the ACA as "Sable Foreign Longhairs."

Because the breed consistently produced cats with recessive traits, it was assumed that the cats had been professionally bred. But who was the breeder? In the 1980s, two cats breeders conducted some research. They discovered that English breeders had crossed Havana Browns, Angoras, and Abyssinians. They suspected that the Tiffany cat may have been the resulting breed!

2. They were first called "Tiffany" cats after the Tiffany Theatre.

In the early 1970s, Chantilly cats first competed in American cat shows under the name "Foreign Longhair." Jennie Robinson worked with the cats for about 10 years. In the early 1970s, a breeder named Sigyn Lund bought the cats and continued showing them.

By the mid-1980s, judges complained that the name "Foreign Longhair" was too general. Looking for inspiration, Lund thought of the Tiffany Theatre. Because of the theatre's reputation for elegance, she named the cat breed "Tiffany."

In 1992, because of confusion with the British Tiffanie cat breed, this breed was renamed "Chantilly." 

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3. They're a mixed breed cat.

Chantilly cats are the result of breeding a Burmese cat with a long-haired Asian cat. Because they're not purebred, they generally enjoy good health. To get a litter of Chantilly kittens, you'll need to breed either 2 Chantilly cats or a Burmese and an Asian cat (both long-haired). 

4. They have striking yellow eyes.

This cat breed has been bred for the recessive trait of gold eyes. Their large, oval-shaped eyes can range from shiny gold to a deep yellow. Often, they have a greenish outline around the iris. This really makes their golden eyes pop!

5. They have a gorgeous longhaired coat.

Like a plush teddy bear, these cats are perfect for cuddling! Because they have a semi-long coat with little undercoat, these cats will require daily brushing. Their soft, silky coats come in several different colours, including chocolate, lilac, black, blue, silver, champagne, platinum, and fawn. 

6. This cat breed loves people.

Chantilly cats love spending time with their owners. They will chirp to you as if you are having a conversation with them. This cat breed enjoys play and needs to have regular interactive play to stay happy. Chantilly cats readily form bonds with their families. They are shy around strangers but maintain a calm demeanour.

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PC: Sandivas [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], Cat named Sarah

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