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8 Things That No One Tells You About Being a Cat Parent

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You've watched videos, read blogs, and every piece of information on cat parenting advice out there. And rightly so!

But while you may familiarize yourself with the basics of cat parenting in advance, things can take a different direction once you bring your feline friend home.

Here are eight things no one tells you about owning a cat. 

1. Cats Requires Stimulation

Like you, cats require attention, physical and mental stimulation lest they become bored and develop health issues.

A couple of minutes or hours of active and interactive play coupled with some entertainment will do the trick.

Additionally, look into items/toys that keep your cat entertained in case you're away. 

Animal companions (a cat, bird, or dog) will also spur interactions, play, and support each other's company while you're away.

2. Cats Need Your Assistance

You've heard that cats are independent. And it's somewhat true — cats act like they don't need help. Instinctively, cats will hide any signs of weakness, illness, or pain to seem less vulnerable.

In some cases, their independent nature is valid, but should you notice your cat suffering in silence, don't hesitate to assist them.

To do this, pay attention to the kitty's behavioral and mood changes while familiarizing yourself with what suggestive signs to look for.

3. Groom Your Cat

Although cats can capably groom themselves, they require your help. This applies to all cats- short or long-haired ones. Use special fur brushes to keep their coats clean and attractive and to prevent matted fur.

Grooming your cat also helps reduce hair-ball occurrence, especially for long-haired cats. 

What's more, grooming prevents overheating by keeping your cat cool during the summer or hot conditions.

4. Regularly Clean the Litter Boxes

It is common knowledge that cats require their litter boxes to be cleaned daily or even after a couple of hours. Cats are creatures who value hygiene and have zero tolerance for dirty litter boxes.

However, many cat parents (new and experienced) often forget to clean the litter boxes. Ensure their litter boxes are constantly cleaned. 

This promotes good cat litter box practices and keeps your residence free of cat waste.

5. Outdoor vs. Indoor Life

While most advocate people for an indoor life for cats, it's best to let your feline friend make the choice.

Both lifestyles have their strengths and drawbacks. Specifically, feral cats require security gear and regular check-ups due to the demanding outdoor lifestyle of roaming free in their neighborhoods or yards. 

Indoor cats can still access the great outdoors under supervision on a leash or cat enclosures.

6. Beware of Shedding

Like dogs, cats frequently shed fur. If not taken care of, cats will unintentionally shed tons of fur on your surfaces, including furniture, floors, clothing, etc. 

Having a lint roller(s) will save you the trouble of having hair all over your house.

7. Watch Your Plants

Not only are cats curious, but they also have a 'destructive' side to them. You'll catch your cat chewing or playing with plants that fascinates them. Use cat-safe repellents to keep your cat away from your cherished plants.

Notably, some house plants pose a significant danger to your cat if ingested. Such plants should be avoided to prevent calamity. 

8. Owning a Cat Can Be Expensive

It's no secret that owning a cat will change your budget. It isn't in any way cheap. 

We're talking expenses like regular veterinary appointments, major and minor surgery such as spaying/neutering, among other healthcare costs, cat essentials such as toys, litter boxes, etc. And, of course, recurring food expenses.

If you're looking to bring in a cat companion, prepare ahead of time for such and more expenses. This gives you a realistic idea of the money you'll need to save and spend?

Importantly, sign up for cat insurance and have a savings account dedicated to cat expenses. This is your best bet in effectively handling the costs associated with cat ownership plus unanticipated cat emergencies.

Parenting a cat is a beautiful experience. It is a sweet experience filled with highs and lows. Hopefully, these tips can help you learn more about becoming a better cat parent. 

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