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​How to Live Harmoniously with Feral Cats (A Guide for Communities)

Feral cats live outdoors independently and play a major role in our neighborhoods. For example, they contribute to pest control by keeping rodent populations in check.Usually, feral cats are cautious when it comes to human interaction. So, it’s easy for conflicts to occur between them and people. This provokes the need for solutions, allowing humans and feral cats to [...]

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DIY: Crafting Fun Projects for Your Kitty

If you're a cat owner, you know that these furballs love to explore and play. As they do, they bring a lot of joy and laughter into our lives.To add extra fun to your feline friend's life, you can embark on some exciting DIY cat-tastic projects.In this blog post, we'll explore cat-friendly and creative crafts that will make your [...]

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How to Respect and Protect the Feral Cat Colonies in Your Area

Feral cat colonies or clusters can be found in communities across the globe. Often, they navigate their way through rural and suburban neighborhoods and landscapes.Feral cats are not the same as the typical pet cats. They're basically descendants of lost or abandoned domestic cats, forced to adjust to outdoor life and facing harsh conditions. These cats form clusters and live [...]

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​How Outdoor Time Benefits Your Cats' Mental and Physical Health

Cats love freedom and have a deep connection to nature. So, they naturally enjoy the outdoors, which can enrich and heal their mental health.In this blog, we'll explore the profound impacts of outdoor time on your cat's well-being and provide practical tips for safely and responsibly incorporating the outdoors into your cat's life.1. Nature's stress [...]

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Fostering Feral Kittens (From Wild to Home)

Feral kittens are born to feral or stray cats and grow up in the wild. They have no human contact, which makes them fearful of people and often cautious of new environments. But these young, untamed felines deserve a chance at a better life. They can be fostered.Fostering feral kittens is a rewarding and compassionate endeavor crucial for their well-being. It [...]

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cat Housing: Pros and Cons

As a devoted cat owner, one of the crucial decisions you'll face is establishing the ideal living location for your feline companion—indoors, outdoors, or a blend of both.While the final choice is influenced by your cat's unique requirements and specific living circumstances, it's important to consider the advantages and drawbacks of indoor and outdoor cat housing carefully.This blog post explores the pros [...]

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Taming a Feral Cat: What Can Happen

Taming a feral cat can be a journey of both challenges and deeply satisfying rewards. These cats, either born in the wild or abandoned by owners, live in loneliness, with little to no contact with people. As a result, the process of taming a feral cat demands patience and dedication. Taming a feral cat involves trapping and providing [...]

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Secrets to Enhancing Your Outdoor Cat House (That Your Cat Will Love)

Outdoor cat houses provide safe and comfortable havens for your feline friends. However, the accessories you put in an outdoor shelter can truly transform it into a cozy retreat.According to research, cat owners believe outdoor cat house accessories improve their cat's quality of life. Moreover, cat owners also believe that outdoor cat houses with furniture are more likely to [...]

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Feeding Feral Cats: Everything You Need to Know

Feral cats, also community cats, are a usual sight in urban and rural areas. These furry creatures are independent and have adapted to life outdoors.While they may seem self-reliant, feral cats need compassionate care from compassionate volunteers who can contribute to their welfare by providing them with food, water, and shelter.In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to [...]

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Health Issues Common in Feral Cats: Prevention and Treatment

Feral cats, living in the wild without human contact, face numerous health challenges.Often, they endure harsh conditions, making them prone to health issues that are less prevalent in indoor cats.In this article, we will explore the most common health problems and concerns that feral cats encounter and discuss effective prevention and treatment strategies.1.  MalnutritionTime and again, feral cats struggle to find [...]

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