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Cat Breeds: The Exotic

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Charming, sweet, and cuddly, the Exotic shorthair breed is a favourite among cat lovers everywhere. They are surprisingly playful and very affectionate. If you're considering getting an Exotic cat, this post will introduce you to these silken-haired beauties!

Here are 5 fun facts about exotic shorthair cats.

They have been nicknamed "the lazy man's Persian."

Because they were bred to have a short, plush coat, these cats don't have to be bathed every day like Persian cats. Instead, they just need a weekly combing. The short undercoat of Exotic cats sheds very little hair, which reduces the cleanup for owners. 

They are natural introverts.

When a stranger comes to visit, an Exotic cat will respond with shyness at first. It takes time for an Exotic to trust someone and be comfortable with them. Quiet by nature, these cats love to cuddle with their owners. They are known for their gentleness, affection, and calm demeanour.

They are a relatively new cat breed.

In the late 1960s, cat breeders in the United States started to experiment with breeding their Persian cats. Looking for a silver coat and green eye colour, they started breeding American Shorthairs with Silver Persians. In 1966, Jane Martinke proposed a new cat breed to the Cat Fanciers' Association board of directors. It was accepted and soon became known as the Exotic Shorthair cat breed. Some breeders used a Russian Blue or Burmese cat instead of an American Shorthair to provide the shorthaired gene. 

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They're Instagram stars!

To see a few of the most famous Insta-celebrity cats, check out these accounts:

Pudge the Cat @pudgethecat

Pinpin & Yoyo @pinpin_bibi

These Exotic shorthairs are followed by fans around the globe! 

The boys are more cuddly than the girls.

According to the Cat Fanciers' Association, male Exotics are more cuddly than females. They explain, "Male Exotics are, in general, more affectionate than females. Females can be somewhat more aloof. They always seem to have more important things to do than cuddle with their owner."

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