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Cat Feeding: Weather-Friendly Feeding Stations/Shelters for Feral Cats

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Whether you own one or a few feral cats, feeding them outside is a lovely activity that both of you look forward to daily. But with all that joy and satisfaction of watching your cats feed comes a few headaches. For instance, feeding them on dishes, bowls, or on the floor can sometimes be annoying, especially if you have messy eaters. Other limitations, such as harsh weather or intrusions from other animals only add to the headache of feeding your cat outdoors.

If feeding your cats outside, with all its challenges, is something you want to improve on, consider getting an outdoor cat feeding station/shelter. A cat feeding station protects both the cat, its food and water from lousy weather, helps hide the food from intruders, and aids with cleanliness.

Unfortunately, finding a feeding station that's worth your investment can be a bit of a challenge. Pro tip: it's worth noting that the best outdoor feeding stations should have the following features:

  • Made of quality material such as rot-resistant cedar
  • Sturdy – not to be blown around in the wind.
  • Free from plastic and manufacturing chemical fumes or substances that could be potentially hazardous to cats
  • Attractive – we all know cats can be fussy
  • Durable and impervious to harsh weather elements
  • Easily accessible by cats
  • Easy to clean

Below are some outdoor cat feeding stations that will make feeding your feral cats more delightful.

1. Large Feeding Station for Outdoor Cats

With the capacity to cater to several cats, this station is ideal for pet owners with a a family of cats. The station is characterized by its cedar construction, waterproof and mold resistant qualities. In addition to the above, its exterior and interior dimensions measure 34" x 19" x 20" (LxWxD) and 27.5" x 14.5" (LxW) respectively, along with 2-inch height legs that raise it off the ground. The roof can have a 9" extension overhang to keep your cat's food dry when the wind blows. It's a robust structure that cats will not tip over.

2. Medium Feeding Station for Outdoor Cats

This average-sized features a cedar construction that is highly resistant to rot, mold, and insects. It is suited for a significantly lower number of cats than the large station but equally shines in its job. With regards to its structure, it has 2-inch legs that raise it off the ground as well as an exterior and interior of 30" x 19" x 19" (L x W x D) and 23.5" x 14.5" (L x W) apiece. Also worth highlighted is its optional 9-inch Extended Roof that offers extra protection from weather elements. It is a sturdy unit that’s easy to use and will surely have your cats eager to use it.

3. Small Feeding Station for Outdoor Cats

Designed with high-quality cedar material that is resistant to rot, mold, insect, and water damage, this is a practical feeder that is easy to install and clean. Given its small stature with dimensions featuring an exterior of 24" x 19" x 18" (L x W x D), an interior of 17.5" x 14.5" (L x W) and 2- inch legs, it shines in since it occupies less space. You can add the 9-inch Extended Roof if you need extra protection harsh weather.

Feeding your cats is a daily responsibility that can get on your nerves when weather spoils your cats’ feeding experience. At UnderCover Pet Houses, we clearly understand this challenge and provide feral cat owners with feeding solutions. Our feeding stations/shelters are not susceptible to weather elements and are resistant to rot, mold, insect, or water damage. Aside from that, easy to assemble and clean, making them a good investment. Just find a friendly, secure, and lowkey spot to position them and take the experience of feeding your cat to a new level.

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