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DEBUNKED: 3 Myths about Feral Cats

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MYTH #1: Cats are indoor animals.

FACT: Although many cats have been domesticated, the natural habitat of cats is outdoors.

Cats have built-in instincts to find shelter, hunt for food, and avoid danger. They have the capacity to live outside and, with a little human help, have a high quality of life.

Not all cats have been socialized to live with people. Many feral cats would not do well if they lived indoors. They would struggle with human interaction and face stress and fear. A cat can live a happy, healthy life outdoors.

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MYTH #2: Community cats in colonies live short, painful lives.

FACT: Feral cats can live healthy, long lives.

Research has demonstrated that community cats are a healthy group. A 2006 study found that, out of 103,643 feral cats examined in spay/neuter clinics, the vast majority were healthy. Less than 1 percent had a condition that necessitated euthanasia, such as trauma, infectious diseases, or serious illness. 1

MYTH #3: Extermination is the only reasonable solution when a community has feral cats.

FACT: TNR is a much more effective, humane approach for feral cats.

The extermination approach is ineffective because it creates a vacuum in local ecosystems. When feral cats are removed, neighborhood cats fill the void and breed to the capacity of the area. This wastes taxpayers' money and needlessly kills animals.

The TNR approach, which seeks to reduce feral cat populations by spay/neuter programs and improve quality of life with shelter and food, is both humane and productive. It decreases euthanasia rates, fosters good relationships between cats and the people in their communities, and saves money for taxpayers. Most importantly, it stabilizes outdoor cat populations and helps them have long, healthy lives.

What feral cat myths would you add to our list? In your own experience, what facts have you discovered about feral cats? Share your insights in the comments below!

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1. Wallace, Jennifer L, and Julie K Levy, “Population Characteristics of Feral Cats Admitted to Seven Trap-Neuter-Return Programs in the United States,” Journal of Feline Medicine And Surgery 8 (2006): 279-284

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