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Five Amazing Outdoor Solutions for Cats and Dogs

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Since feral pets love spending their time outdoors, it makes perfect sense to provide them with a comfortable place where they can relax when enjoying time outside. If you have always thought of building or purchasing a house or shelter for your outdoor pet but haven’t yet done so, UnderCover Pet Houses can help you make that dream a reality.

Our outdoor houses provide not only optimal safety from unfavourable weather conditions but also offer feral pets the warmth, private space, and comfort they need. We offer solutions that are well-suited to homes with single and multiple pets.

Here are five unique outdoor houses that your pet will surely love:

1. Standard Insulated Cedar Cat House

Designed with simplicity in mind, these houses are available in either Extra Large, Large or, Small sizes to provide ample space for cats while still keeping them cozy and comfortable. Each of these houses is available with an optional detachable roof which makes the pet home easier to clean.

2. Cat Houses with a Lounging Deck and Extended Roof

Since cats love a home that offers them a different vantage point from which to view their world, a house on stilts is the perfect thing for outdoor cats to enjoy! This unit is the perfect addition for families that share their lives with a furry friend who fancies himself the king of the castle. One of the features cats love most about this house is its lounging deck, allowing outdoor kitties to do some sunbathing while still being protected by the roof that acts as a shelter from the elements.

This popular outdoor structure is available in a Small or Larger model.

3. Cat Houses with a Platform and Loft

Featuring a loft-inspired design, this cat house also sits on stilts for elevation. To take it a step further, it features a platform just directly above the roof where cats can lie down and bask in the sun. The platform also intentionally acts as an extended shelter that safeguards the doorway from inclement weather elements.

The unit can be purchased in either Large or Small sizes.

4. Double Deckers & Duplexes

Multi-feral cat households need a shelter where the cats rarely get in each other’s way. This is where our duplex and double-decker houses come into play. If you only have a small yard, our elevated double-decker easily takes up less space than two separate cat houses would occupy. Our outdoor duplexes come with a divisible interior. A unique divider is attached to the walls to create a separate shelter for each cat.

Our duplex houses are available in either Large or Small sizes.

5. The Dogzebo

As the name suggests, the Dogzebo is an outdoor shelter designed with the small to mid-size pooch in mind. DogZebos have a unique design that is open at the sides to allow your dog to comfortably lounge in the shade while also enjoying a 360-degree view of his surroundings.

Why Should I Buy an UnderCover Pet House?

Our outdoor pet houses provide:

  1. Cedar construction – since outdoor houses can be exposed to all weather conditions, we use cedar as our primary construction material as it is easy to clean and weather resistant.
  2. Thermal-Ply insulation – we place insulation inside the floor, walls, and ceiling to keep your pet warm and comfortable.
  3. Resistance to mold, rot, and insects - Wherever you position our houses, they are treated to ward off decay, fungus, and insects.
  4. An easily detachable roof – this facilitates easy cleaning.
  5. Simple set of instructions included for quick pet house assembly with essential household tools in a few minutes.

Since it is difficult to separate feral cats from the great outdoors, it’s a great idea to provide them with a safe place to enjoy a warm escape after a long day’s adventure or during harsh weather.

Whatever outdoor house your pet prefers, we offer the perfect solution to suit their every need. At Undercover Pet Houses, we offer a permanent housing solution for outdoor cats. Our expertly crafted outdoor houses are well worth the investment.

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