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Five Best Holiday Gifts for your Feral Cat

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The holidays are finally here, and you know what that means: spreading the holiday cheer through giving gifts to your family members, friends, partner, and even pets. While your never-ending love and attention is the best thing you can give your cat, they'll also appreciate a good gift this holiday. However, finding an ideal holiday gift for your cat can be challenging, given their fussy nature. But hey, don't worry. We've got both you and your cat covered.

In this article, we've rounded up some absolute best holiday gifts that will have your furry friend reeling in excitement.

1. Standard Insulated Cedar Cat House

With a simple yet attractive design, this quality cat house is the perfect home for your cat. The house is also spacious, with an optional detachable roof that makes the pet home more comfortable to clean. This house will be appreciated by your kitty and is available in either Extra Large, Large or, small sizes.

2. Cat Houses with a Lounging Deck and Extended Roof

Help your cat get the best of his outdoorsy life with this every so comfortable cat house with a lounging deck and extended roof. This elevated unit offers a stylish cedar finish and an extended top to provide a soothing, secure, and comfy environment. Even better, the house comes with a lounging deck that allows your cat some sunbathing. This premium house comes in a range of sizes; a Small or Larger model so you can pick a personalized gift for your cat.

3. Soft/Hard Heated Pads

Bring that cozy and comfortable experience into your cats with these soft and hard heated pads. These heating pads square up to a brilliant orthopedic cat bed made of rugged super-soft PVC. The soft-heated pad comes in different dimensions with two sizes available, 14" x 18" or 19" x 24" inches (small and large). Once your cat lays down on these innovative heating pads, they heat up in less than a second to provide continuous soothing heat and a warm feeling for your cat even in winter temperatures. Besides, they consume low wattage and are water-resistant. In particular, the hard heated pad packs chew resistant features and all-rounded edges to deter destructive cats.

4. Cat Houses with a Platform and Loft

Could your furry friend use a little more comfort in their life? If so, these cosy cat houses are the ideal gift. Featuring a loft-inspired design, these elevated houses let your cat snuggle up, sunbathe, and relax on a dedicated platform just directly above the roof. For extra cat safety, the platform intentionally acts as an extended shelter that safeguards the doorway from inclement weather elements.

5. Double Deckers & Duplexes

Perfect for multi-feral cat households, the duplex and double-decker houses are a convenient gift for cats that like their space private. Available in both Large or Small sizes, the elevated double-decker also features a space-friendly design. On the other hand, the outdoor duplexes come with a divisible interior where a unique divider is attached to the walls to create a separate shelter for each cat.

Bonus Pick: The Dogzebo

The Dogzebo may not be a gift precisely for your cat, but one we guarantee will be useful in households with both a pup and a cat as best buddies. The Dogzebo is an outdoor shelter designed for small to mid-size pooch but can also be used by cats. DogZebos have a unique design that is open at the sides to allow your dog/kitty to comfortably lounge in the shade while also enjoying a 360-degree view of his surroundings.

Finding the perfect gift for your feline friend isn't easy. Before settling for just any gift, take some time to think about what your kitty would love having. The list above is full of thoughtful ideas to match any budget and is bound to spread the holiday joy to your cat.

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