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Halloween Safety: Tips to Keep Your Feral Cats Safe

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Halloween presents an extraordinary occasion for children and adults to engage in fun, fright, entertainment, excitement, and celebration. However, for cats, it's a holiday filled with extreme danger and anxiety.

With Halloween fast approaching, we've compiled helpful tips to help keep your holiday delightful and equally safe for your cat.

Why Can Halloween be Scary and Dangerous for your Cat?

Cats face additional dangers during Halloween compared to other holidays. Individuals with misguided ideas, beliefs, and information about felines may use Halloween as an excuse to harm cats violently.

With cases of violence aimed at both cats and their guardians, your cat could be in danger from such individuals when roaming the outdoors during the Halloween holidays. Put in cars, traffic noise, and celebratory noises present on Halloween, and the great outdoors can turn into a terrifying, chaotic, and unsafe place for your cat.

How Can You Keep Your Cat Safe During Halloween?

Although your feral cat loves the great outdoors, these tips can help ensure your cat's safety and comfort during Halloween

1. Keep your feline indoor days before Halloween. Why? Some communities celebrate Halloween before the traditional day on Oct. 31. Besides, this helps your cat adjust to staying indoors. During this time, you'll also figure out how to deal with their rebellious behavior and attempts to sneak out

2. Secure your cat in a cozy room filled with cat essentials and accessories. Ensure your cat has a litter box, food, water, a comfy bed, their favorite toys, and a hiding spot. You can also try some soothing music or spray cat-calming pheromones/ catnip to help alleviate your cat's stress. 

3. Don't parade Halloween costumes in front of your cat. Although it may seem funny and playful, cats can get frightened and terrified when their human companions look different from usual. More importantly, don't attempt to dress your cat in costumes if they dislike the idea.

4. Keep your cat away from Jack-o-Lanterns and Halloween candles. While they're a crucial highlight of Halloween, they can be dangerous for your cat. Your curious kitty may get playful with them and end up burning himself or starting a fire. If you can, avoid using Halloween candles or put them out of reach from cats. Electrical wires should also be kept away from your cat's reach.

5. Keep your cat away from Halloween decorations that could pose harm to him. Embellishments such as strings, ribbon, yarn, and tinsel can be hazardous to your cat. Once ingested, they can block or attach themselves to a cat's intestines, which can be life-threatening. Additionally, watch out for candy wrappers and plastic bags

6. Don't let your cat indulge in Halloween snacks and treats, particularly chocolate or raisins, which are poisonous to them. Ensure to inform your family and guests as they may be tempted to share their snacks with your cat.

7. After Halloween, dispose of decaying pumpkins, which easily harbor bacteria. Should your cat ingest contaminated pumpkins, they can quickly get sick.

8. Ensure your cat is microchipped or bears a form of identification or tracker in case they sneak out.

9. After everything returns to normal, reward your cat for being good and let them reclaim their territory. The great outdoors is pleasurable for your cat but can be dangerous, especially during the festivities. 

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