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How to Deal With Your Cat's Insomnia

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Q: Help! My cat won’t let me sleep in peace. She wakes me up every night with her yowling. I’ve tried yelling at her and spritzing cold water on her, but nothing works! What can I do?

A: First, recognize that many cats struggle with insomnia. Since both feral and indoor cats are nocturnal animals, it makes sense that they tend to stay awake at night. However, cats are intelligent and capable of making behavioural changes. With a few simple tips, you can help your cat learn to sleep through the night.

1) Vet Checkup

If your indoor or feral cat hasn’t had a vet checkup for 6+ months, take her to the vet for a thorough checkup.1 She may have an undiagnosed condition (such as a thyroid dysfunction) or a minor issue (such as a toothache) that is keeping her awake.

2) Mental Stimulation

Cats need mental challenges to be satisfied. If they are bored, they will look for negative attention by misbehaving. To provide mental stimulation, try cognitive games, toys, and scratching posts. Take your cat out for walks, and introduce him to new people.

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3) Positive Attention

Often, cats vocalize at night because they have an unmet need. If your kitty feels lonely, he may seek attention by yowling. Be sure to provide lots of attention and cuddles during the day. Praise him for positive behaviour. By giving him positive attention, you can help him replace bad habits with good ones.

4) Scheduled Playtime

To ensure that your cat is tired, have a playtime right before bed. You can play mimic hunting with a toy mouse. Playtime will provide mental stimulation, exercise, and bonding with you. If you have regular playtimes before bed, your cat may start sleeping better almost immediately.

To help your kitty sleep better, try these simple tips. Let’s chat…what are your best tricks for dealing with your cat’s insomnia? Share in the comments below!

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