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How to Identify Your Cat's Personality Type

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After an August 2017 survey of 2,800 cats and their owners, researchers in Australia and New Zealand say they've discovered 5 personality types of cats. This confirms what cat lovers have known all along...that our cats have unique and unmistakable personalities. 

Read on to learn how to identify your cat's personality type.

The Neurotic Cat

First, know that behaviour is critical for understanding how to identify your cat's personality type. If the tiniest noise makes your cat jump, she might be a neurotic cat. Neurotic cats are slow to trust new people and may hide under the bed when people visit. Dr. JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM, notes that a high neuroticism score may indicate severe shyness. She suggests providing additional hiding places to increase your cat's comfort level.

The Impulsive Cat

As his name suggests, the impulsive cat is highly unpredictable in his behaviour. He may act one way on Monday morning but seem to be a completely different cat on Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Pippa Elliot of Petful cautions pet owners not to shout at an impulsive cat, as this will increase his anxiety. "It helps to have set routines, such as feedings and playtime, so he knows when something is about to happen — which prepares him to behave more appropriately."

The Dominant Cat

You can identify this cat personality without too much trouble. She's the first one in line at the food bowl and the first one to pounce on kitty toys. Dominant cats often struggle to get along with other kitties in a multi-cat household. If you have a dominant cat, ensure that each cat has his or her own food and water bowls. You can also try placing these bowls in different locations for dining privacy.

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The Extraverted Cat

If your cat's nose is glued to the window when a neighbour gets home, you may have an extraverted cat on your hands. Slightly different than an "extroverted" cat, this kitty is highly intelligent, curious, and inventive. Because he is easily bored, this cat requires mental stimulation such as games, puzzle toys, and active one-on-one play.

The Agreeable Cat

Warm, cuddly, and friendly, this cat has never met a stranger. Her behaviour is gentle, approachable, and affectionate. This cat personality is one of the easiest to get along with! If your friendly cat suddenly seems to change personality types, take her to the vet. She may be experiencing pain or illness that she can't tell you about.

Let's Chat:

What type of cat do you have? Your cat may have one primary personality type or a blend of several types. After reading this article on how to identify your cat's personality type, can you tell what personality your cat has? Let us know in the comments!

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