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How to Keep Your Cat from Getting Bored

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In the winter months, it can be easy for indoor or outdoor cats to get bored. Instead of playing, they just want to curl up in front of the fireplace and stay cozy. Many pet owners work full-time and can't play with their cat as much as they'd like to. How can you help your cat stay happy and occupied this winter? 

Here are 5 ways to keep your cat from getting bored.

1) Give your cat a perching post. 

Cats love to hang out on elevated places. Check out our previous post for 5 surprising reasons why cats love perches. Ohio State U's Indoor Pet Initiative says, "...a perch will provide them with a safe and private place to watch the action from above. A perch is anything that allows them to lie, sit, sleep or look outside from above..."

If you have a fairly high windowsill, you can simply clear it of any objects. Place a kitty treat on it so your cat will understand she's allowed there. When she jumps onto it, pet her to provide positive reinforcement.

If you have a feral cat, consider getting one of our cedar cat houses with a lounging deck--they provide a built-in perch!

2) Play with your cat for 15 minutes.

Playing with your cat doesn't have to be a big time investment. Even if you just spend 15 minutes playing with your kitty, that will help keep your cat from getting bored and make her feel happy. Check out our blog post on 4 reasons to play with your cat

3) Spice up her diet with cat-approved greens.

For a special treat, give your kitty catnip or cat grasses. You can grow these from seeds or buy them from a pet store. Cats really enjoy these treats, and they are believed to be safe to eat. "They are attractive to many cats and give the cat fresh vegetation to eat, which they would otherwise do outdoors," according to the City of Minneapolis website.

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4) Go for a walk together. 

Get a walking harness to fit your cat, and train him to go walking with you. Your cat will love getting to see all the sights, sounds, and smells in the great outdoors! Walking together will also help you bond with your cat.

5) Consider adding another cat to the family.

If you are away all day, your cat may develop boredom and loneliness. Consider the possibility of giving him a playmate. Perhaps you could adopt a cat from a shelter or even foster another cat. If you decide to bring another cat home, check out our helpful guide on how to introduce a new cat to a multi-cat household

With these fun ideas, you can keep your cat from getting bored this winter! 

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