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Surprising Things Most People Don't Know About Cats (2)

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Our previous post looked at some surprising and weird cat facts. If you haven't read it, make sure you take a look. 

As earlier promised, this post covers other exciting revelations about your furry friend. Some might blow you away!

1.  Cats Developed Meowing to Communicate Exclusively With People

Contrary to belief, cats' meows aren't to communicate with each other cats but to specifically communicate with humans

2.   A Cat's Body Structure Is Designed for Flexibility

You've seen your cat wiggle through tight spaces and maybe wondered how? A cat's vertebrae are loosely connected to other bones and include cushioned discs between. 

Further, a cat's collarbone isn't fully connected to the spine via bones but muscles. Such features allow for a highly flexible spine and body

3.  Cats Cannot Taste Sweetness

It seems strange, but cats are one of the few animals that can't taste sweetness. 

Cats lack the receptor for sweetness due to a genetic deficiency that insufficiently produces the proteins needed to detect sugar in their taste buds. 

4.  Cats Can Jump up to Six Times Their Length

It's no secret that cats are very athletic. Adult cats can jump approximately five to six times their height – that's about 150 – 180 cm measured from the ground to their shoulders. 

Waffle, the Warrior Cat, holds the longest recorded cat jump at 213.36 cm.

5. Cats Love Sleeping on Things That Smell of Their Owners

Sometimes your cat will disappear only for you to find them hiding in your clothing. Cats recognize and enjoy sleeping or sitting on things that smell of you. 

They also do this to transfer their scent and mingle your scent with theirs to mark out your things as theirs too. Through rubs, licks, etc., cats also mark you as their territory.

6.  Cats Have Over 100 Different Vocalizations

Cats are vocal creatures for what they want or need. While they often use the usual sounds that you're aware of, cats can vocalize more than other human pets. 

It's estimated that cats can make more than 100 different vocalizations. Interestingly, cat purrs remain a mystery to humans.

7.  Cats Hate Citrus Scents

Cats have a strong sense of smell. For this reason, they can't stand the citrus family, from oranges, lime, to lemons, and anything in between. 

Citrus scents overwhelm your cats' olfactory nerves and might cause stomach upset and decreased appetite on excessive exposure. You can use citrus scents to repel cats from areas/plants they don't want touched or damaged.

8. Thieving Is a Common Behavior Among Cats

Cats will often grab and bring you things that remind them of prey or because they want your attention. 

These may include stuffed animals, toys, feather dusters, or moving/ removing items around the house or from the neighbors. 

Don't judge them; it's instinctual. 

More Fascinating Cat Facts

  • Cats are crepuscular — they're most active at dawn and dusk.
  • Cats are picky about their 'toilet.' Let each cat have a clean, separate litter box.
  • Cats have the largest eyes relative to the head size of any mammal.

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