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​Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions (3 Reasons No One Will Tell You)

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According to a Pet Population Survey, 58% of Canadian households own at least one dog or cat. Pets make wonderful companions and come with many emotional and physical benefits.

Cats, especially, are considered independent, solitary, and mysterious.

However, cats can make excellent companions due to often overlooked reasons. Here are three reasons cats make amazing companions you may not have heard of before.

1) Owning a cat has proven health benefits.

Studies show that owning a cat can positively impact overall mental health.

It means that cats can offer companionship, comfort, and emotional support that helps stabilize and enhance the health of their owners.

Stress and anxiety levels can be reduced just because you own a cat. Cats are also known to help lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease.

As intuitive and intelligent creatures, cats can sense when you’re anxious or feeling down and can provide you with a comforting and soothing presence.

They’ll often offer comfort by snuggling up next to you, purring, and knead, which can be incredibly calming, soothing, and beneficial for your overall health.

2) Cats have unique personalities.

Cats are unique and have distinct personalities. Some cats are affectionate and love to snuggle, while others are shyer and more independent, preferring to be left alone.

These reasons and more make cats interesting, entertaining, and charming pets. It means every cat will have their behaviors, likes, and dislikes.

And no matter their personality, cats are full of endless surprises, climbs, plays, and pranks—it’s never dull having a cat as a pet.

3) Cats are low-maintenance pets.

Cats are comparatively low-maintenance pets.

For example, cats don’t necessarily require daily walks or massive training like dogs. As such, they’re ideal pets for busy people who may not have much time to devote to their pets.

Furthermore, cats are independent creatures that are content to spend their days lounging, playing, or grooming themselves. They are excellent at caring for themselves and spend a lot of time cleaning themselves.

It means you don't have to use much of your time bathing or cleaning them, which can be time-consuming with other pets.

In conclusion:

If you're considering adding or adopting a pet to your family, cats make wonderful companions for the reasons we have stated above.

Cats will provide comfort and emotional support. You also can’t overlook that they’re low-maintenance pets and that many cat breeds with unique personalities can provide company, endless charm, and entertainment. 

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