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Professional Cat Grooming

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Despite their attention to detail, cats are limited in their ability to groom themselves properly and effectively. As such, maintaining a regular cat grooming schedule is critical to their overall well-being.

And with many cat parents experiencing difficulties grooming their felines, they often wonder whether getting their cat professionally groomed is worth the bucks.

To this end, we've listed everything you need to know about professional cat grooming.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming?

A clean cat is a healthy and happy cat. Grooming your cat regularly can help with a variety of issues, including:

  • Keeping their fur smooth and shiny
  • Removing loose hair
  • Reducing tangles and hairballs
  • Remove matte, dirt, and other debris
  • Paw and nail care
  • Dental, eye, and ear care
  • Identifying areas of health concern

When Should You Take Your Cat to a Groomer?

There's no rule of thumb on when to visit a professional groomer. However, these scenarios may necessitate a professional cat groomer.

#1. When Your Cat Is Aggressive or Anxious

Cats, especially those wary of human contact and who enjoy scratching, clawing, and biting, are difficult to groom at home. Professional cat groomers undergo extensive training to ensure that all cats are comfortable while being groomed, making the grooming process calming and fast. It will be much easier for you to bathe and care for your cat's coat if your cat gets used to the groomer and enjoys it.

Pro tip: Do your homework and choose a certified and experienced pet groomer you can trust.

#2. When Your Cat's Fur Is Heavily Matted

Cats thrive and are more attractive when their coats and skin are bright and healthy. If your cat's coat is tangled or covered in matte and debris, it's essential to take them to a professional groomer. Professional groomers will gently help restore your cat's coat, something your cat may not appreciate if you attempt to clean them up yourself. Besides, groomers can identify dandruff or other skin problems caused by matted fur.

#3. When Your Cat Has Fleas

Fleas can make your cat sick, causing everything from skin infections to anemia. If your cat has fleas, it's critical to groom them and treat them quickly.

Unfortunately, many cat parents are unaware that their cat is plagued with fleas until too late. Professional cat groomers can detect fleas and assist you in getting rid of them.

#4. When Your Cat's Fur Needs to be Trimmed

If your cat's fur has grown too long or should be cut for any other reason, then it is essential that you take them to a groomer. Fur trimming helps prevent shedding, overheating, stress, and hairballs in cats.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Cat Groomer

#1. Professional Cat Groomers Know How to Keep Cats Calm and Co-operative

Cat personalities come in all shapes and sizes, and an expert groomer is well-equipped to handle them - from the mellowest feline to the most irritable feline.

A trained professional won't get stressed, so your cat will remain calm. What's more, groomers won't take it personally if your cat has a nasty attitude, so your bond will be safe.

#2. To Save on Costly Grooming Tools

Professional cat groomers offer a wide range of specialized grooming tools, including dryers, blowers, cat-specific shampoos, etc., which you may not have at home. In addition, many cat parents lack the experience necessary to utilize some of these tools fully.

#3. Your Cat Will Experience Excellent Service

Taking your cat to get groomed should be a special treat! :) When you take your cat to a professional cat groomer, they're treated like kings and queens. A trip to the groomer is a delight for cats that includes everything from special conditioning treatments, paw and nail care, ear care, dental care, etc.

#4. Cat Groomers can Notice When Something's Wrong

Whether a short or long-haired, hairless, or double-coated, professional groomers are trained to know what your cat's breed requires and to notice and report issues that aren't quite right, which may necessitate a vet visit.

The Bottom-line

All cats need to be groomed and cared for by their owners. Grooming is a great way to bond with your cat and keep them healthy. However, many cat parents experience difficulties grooming their cats due to scratching, biting, or reacting badly. If your cat is aggressive or apprehensive about home grooming, the best option would be to contact a professional cat groomer. Regular and thorough cat grooming will help keep your cat healthy and happy. 

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