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Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Cat!

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Cats are one of the most popular pets across the world. And while the basket of various household pets available to choose from is full, there’s a reason why many people pick cats as their ultimate pets. Talk about the brilliant companions! Such a sweet, tender, loveable, and independent nature. You’ve got to love these furry creatures. While imperfect, cats will make a great addition to your home – whether they’re independent feral friends or inside companions.

So, if you’re still hesitant about owning a feline, allow the following reasons to persuade you why you should get yourself a cat.

1. Cats can groom themselves

With cats, the burden of sparing your precious time to clean them will be long gone. Unlike most pets that require regular baths, cats can groom themselves, and they’re clean most of the time.

2. Cats keep your household vermin-free

Nothing is embarrassing or irritating like rodents roaming and causing destruction around your house or yard. Well, this can all go away when you keep a cat. Cats will unhesitatingly hunt and take down rodents and insects that may spell trouble in and around your home.

3. Cats can help relieve stress

While it’s natural for humans to get stressed, cats can play a significant role in relieving stress. While cuddling, petting, or playing with your cat your brain releases special endorphins, which triggers happiness and relaxes you. Their purr-fect purrs also push away feelings of stress or fear. They also offer great support companions in times of losses.

4. Cats are independent and low-maintenance

Cats tend to be more independent than other pets. They don’t demand much care as they can take care of themselves, granting you more time to engage in other activities. In addition, the budget to keep and care for a cat is generally lower than the ownership cost of a dog or other pet…maybe with the exception of a hamster or goldfish!

5. Cats take up less space

If space is your concern when looking for a pet, cats can be the perfect space savers! Cats require and occupy less space to live and flourish.

6. Cats live a long time

Even as you age, the chances are that your cat will be around. Cats have a long lifespan granting you the luxury of having them as a long-time companion.

7. Cats are hilarious

Another reason for owning a cat is their comical character. From making funny faces and troublemaking to dancing, cats are an ideal source of entertainment.

8. Cats are loving

If happy and content with your care, cats will reward you with irresistible affection and companionship.

9. Cats are trainable

Contrary to common misconceptions, cats can, with some effort, be trained on etiquette, behavior, and a handful of unique tricks. Once in their element, cats are submissive and receptive to personal training.

1o. Cats are lifesavers

Aside from the autonomous or playful character, cats will lend a helping hand in life-threatening situations. Just Google “cat saves _____” and you’ll find many stories where cats played a role in a rescue. Cats are also linked to several health benefits, such as reduced respiratory illnesses, lowered blood pressure, and the lowered risk of heart disease.

Getting a cat is a serious decision and a real responsibility, but the feeling and joy of having a cat as part of your family is irreplaceable.

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