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​How to Make your Home More Cat Friendly

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As a cat owner, you know that your furry friends are more than just pets. They are part of your family.

And just as you want to make your home comfortable, you also need to create a welcoming, comfortable, and accommodating space for your cats.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your house more cat and pet friendly.

1)  Keep the Floors Clean

One way to keep your home pet friendly is to keep your floors clean. This is because pets can leave a trail of dirt and hair wherever they move here and there. Consider investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair and clean your floors regularly.

Several models in the market include canister, upright, handheld, stick, and robotic vacuum types.

Also, consider using mats to help trap dirt and hair.

2)  Provide a Pet House

Giving your pet their own defined space in your home can make them feel more comfortable and secure.

If you have a feral or outdoor cat(s), they truly deserve their own cat shelter! Undercover Pet Houses provides pet houses that will meet your cat's needs. You can also provide a cozy bed in a quiet corner, a pet pad, or a crate.

By creating a specified space for your pet, you'll also be able to keep pet stuff organized and easily accessible. In addition, consider having a cat feeding area for your pets which helps keep your pet food clean and dry.

3)  Provide Safe and Fun Toys

For physical and mental health, keeping your pet entertained and stimulated is crucial. To achieve that, provide plenty of fun and affordable toys such as balls, chew toys, catnip toy, cat spiral rings, Silvervine sticks, pillows, and more.

You can also create a play area with toys and scratching posts or go for petscaping.

Always avoid giving your cat or pet anything toxic, poisonous, or a choking hazard.

4)  Install a Cat Flap

Consider installing a pet door or cat flap that allows your cat to enter the house it pleases.

Select an area often frequented by your cat(s) to install a cat flap successfully.

Think about the kind of cat flap design that fits your home, and then find one that suits you, considering the size and breed of your pet.

5)  Make Your Home Safe

Make your home as safe as possible because cats quickly get into all sorts of mischief.

For example, put away toxic cleaners, chemicals, and plants.

Also, keep away electrical cords and consider installing a security system to protect your cat from intruders.

By taking these steps, you can make your home more welcoming and comfortable for your cats. The result is that your furry friends become happy and content, and you'll be happier too!

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