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8 Classy Gifts for Cats

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Cats are known to be aloof, independent creatures, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve their fair share of holiday love. They still deserve to be recognized and loved, especially this time of year!

If you're looking for the best holiday gift ideas for cats, here are some suggestions that will have your cat purring happily (or yowling) in delight!

1) Outdoor Cat House

Add a touch of class to your backyard while also treating your cat to their private space this holiday. Outdoor cat houses keep cats warm and safe from predators and harsh weather. Cats also enjoy fresh air and sunshine while safely contained in their own space.

You don't have to be worried about where your cat is or when they come in or go out. There are plenty of fun outdoor cat houses options, some with lounging decks, double-deckers, and lofts.

Outdoor cat houses can also be customized with options ranging from Vinyl Door Flaps, round doors inserts, extra doors, etc.

2) Cat Beds

With the holidays being eventful and activity-filled, giving your cat a comfy place to curl up is also a fantastic gift idea. Cats love having a warm and secure hideaway away from all the activities. Cat beds are also great for their joints.

Whatever you're looking for, there's plenty of choice from pocket beds and low-slung beds to hammock beds, with some that can be placed in cat houses making the houses more inviting for cats.

3) Scratch Pads/Posts

Cat scratchers are a great present to give cats of all ages and lifestyles. They encourage kitty exercise, especially if they're scratching posts with cardboard squares attached at varying angles. Importantly, scratching posts help keep cats away from scratching your prized possessions

4) Cat Toys

With cats, particularly those with frisky fingers, you can't go wrong with cat toy gifts. You can never have too many toys, but especially during holidays and special occasions, it's always fun to give cats something new to play with and enjoy.

Go for small interactive toys that keep kitties entertained and busy on their own—and out of trouble!—while you're busy doing other things. Toys also keep your cat away from ruining your cherished holiday decorations?

No matter what type of toy you choose, remember that cats enjoy catnip—so surprise them with a new toy stuffed with catnip. They'll love it! If you have multiple cats, get each their toy to prevent fighting over toys.

5) Grooming Tools

Besides toys, one of your cat's favorite gifts is likely to be grooming tools. Cats are naturally clean animals and tend to keep themselves groomed well. But there are times when they need a little help with particular body areas—like paws, faces, and underbellies.

There are many types of grooming tools in the market that can aid in grooming cats and making them feel loved. You can also opt for self-grooming tools.

If your cat seems particularly nervous or needs extra attention when grooming them, you might want to look into massaging tools. Massaging their skin and fur releases endorphins, which will put them in a relaxed mood where they'll be happy to purr right up next to you.

Remember that any grooming tool depends on your cat's characteristics (long or short-haired). Talk to your vet about the best grooming tools for your cat.

6) Heated Pads

The holidays are also about staying warm—and your cat shouldn't have to brave the harsh winter. And what could be better than buying your feline a heated pet bed! Your feline friend will love snuggling up to these warm pads in the cold winter. Ensure you get one with a thermostat that adapts to your outside cat's average body temperature while also being energy-efficient.

7) Feeding Stations / Food Shelters

For some cats, food comes before love. It might be time to invest in a quality feeding station to ensure that all your feline friends are getting enough to eat over the winter months.

Consider what kind of food you're serving. Are you mixing wet and dry? For ease of use, you'll want a covered feeding station where both types of food can go. Also, think about the ease of cleaning and the make material. Lastly, go for an appropriately sized feeding station, especially if you own several cats.

Check out our food shelters selections now! 

8) Festive Collars

Few things are cuter than a kitty in a holiday collar, and they're available at all price points. Collars can be festive colors (red, green, gold) and might include baubles, bow ties, jingle bells etc. Plus, you can customize them with your cat's name to ensure no mix-ups happen during the gift-giving season. Whichever collar you go for, ensure it’s adjustable and with a safety breakaway.

Bottom line

Don’t wait for the holidays to roll around again. It’s always time to think about the best gifts to get your cat or friends and family members with cats. These gift ideas will make your shopping easy, as you'll find products that are sure to please every cat. 

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