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Our Best Outdoor Cat Houses for Feral Cats

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Outside pets, especially feral cats, are animals that love the outdoors. They are determined to delight in enjoying nature to the fullest. For that reason, it’s critical that they have an outdoor roof over their head.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your feral cat a comfortable hideout, or a warm place to stay and relax during harsh weather, we’ve got you covered with some outdoor pet house solutions that are the real deal.

Without further ado, here is a list of best outdoor cat houses for feral cats.

1. Standard Insulated Cedar Cat Houses

Are you’re looking for a simple outdoor cat house that is spacious and will keep your cat safe, warm, and comfortable? These cat houses are a purrfect choice! Built of high-quality, durable cedar wood and with a detachable roof, these houses come in different sizes (Extra Large, Large and Small) depending on your cat’s preference for a roomy or cozy new home.

Cat Houses with Lounging Deck and Extended Roof

If your pet wants their house to be above the grass and snow, these “cat houses on stilts” are the outdoor cat houses to consider. The elevated house keeps the floor of your pet’s home off the cold or wet ground, a generous porch roof shields the doorway opening from elements, and an exceptional cat lounging deck gives the feral feline a place to sit in the sun on warm days. These houses come in either Large or Small sizes.

3. Cat Houses with Platform and Loft

Also available in Large or Small dimensions, these houses feature an elevated format that keeps your pet’s house off of the cold and wet ground combined with an upper platform above the roof.

The platform serves as a tranquil spot to enjoy or to bathe in the sun.

The upper platform acts as a fantastic place for your cat to take a nap and a substantial shelter to shield the doorway from unfriendly weather and elements.

4. Double Deckers & Duplexes

Designed for multiple feral cats, the duplex and double-decker houses provide protection from harmful elements for a larger number of cats. The double-decker takes up a smaller footprint compared to two individual feral cat houses and saves you space.

The duplex house has a unique curb appeal and is available in Large or Small sizes. It has a separable interior via a special divider. This interior divider provides the animals inside the duplex with their own space.

Each of the above feral cat houses is exclusively hand-crafted with the highest quality in workmanship and materials including:

  • Cedar construction for long-lasting outdoor use.
  • Thermal-Ply insulation placed inside the floor, walls, and ceiling to keep your pet warm and relaxed.
  • Resistance to mold, rot, and insects.
  • An easily removable roof for easy cleaning.
  • Simple instructions included for fast pet house assembly with common household tools.

Each house can be fully modified to suit the needs of your cats. Many add on options are available at the time of purchase. For instance, you can fit multiple entrances, incorporate vinyl door flaps, round doors, heating pads, and many more desirable cat-friendly features.

In conclusion, outdoor cats are adamant about staying outside at any cost and these pet houses are the best outdoor cat houses on the market. Don’t take our word for it. Take a look around the internet. Compare size, quality of materials, and cost. We’re sure that you will agree!

UnderCover Pet Houses offers a lasting housing solution for outdoor cats. Our houses are worth the investment.

What’s more, our houses are versatile enough to be used by small pets other than cats if you have an outdoor buddy that isn’t a feral cat. Not only will our outdoor houses have your backyard looking neat and attractive, but will provide your pet a lifetime of comfortable, happy nights of sleep.

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