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DIY Outdoor Cat Shelters: Building a Safe and Fun Space for Your Cat

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Outdoor cats or feral cats can be a great addition to your family. However, keeping them safe can be a challenge. It’s why many cat owners opt for outdoor cat enclosures to provide their feline friends with a secure outdoor space for play and exploration.

Building a DIY outdoor cat enclosure is a great way to give your cat(s) fresh air and exercise while keeping them safe from outdoor dangers and predators.

In this blog post, we take you through important tips for building a safe and fun outdoor cat enclosure for your furry friend. 

1. Choose the Right Location

Before building your outdoor cat space, it’s critical to choose the right location. Find an area protected from harmful elements but still gets plenty of sunlight. An ideal outdoor cat enclosure should also be near a window or door so your cat can easily access it.

2. Determine the Size of the Enclosure

The size of your outdoor enclosed cat area will depend on the number of cats and the space you have available. Usually, the larger the cat enclosure, the happier your cat(s) will be. A general rule is to ensure your cat has a space of at least 4 square feet. If you have more than one cat, you must increase the size accordingly.

3. Choose the Right Materials

Choose durable and weather-resistant materials when building your outdoor cat enclosure. You can consider using pressure-treated lumber, PVC pipes, and wire mesh. You can combine the materials for an even more robust and secure enclosure.

4. Create a Safe and Secure Environment

Safety is a major thing when it comes to outdoor cat enclosures. Ensure the enclosures are secure and escape-proof, with no holes where your cat(s) can slip through. You'll also want to ensure your cat can access food, water, and shade, especially on hot days. Consider adding a cat house or a covered area to provide shelter from any elements.

5. Add Toys and Accessories

To make the enclosure more enjoyable and fun for your cat, consider adding toys and accessories like scratching posts, climbing trees, and perches. These provide your cat(s) with plenty of stimulation and exercise and will help keep them entertained for many hours.

Bottom Line

Building a DIY outdoor cat enclosure is a great way to provide your feline friend with a safe and fun space to play, relax, and explore. By following these tips, you can create an enclosure that will keep your cat or cats happy and healthy for years.

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