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14 Weird Cat Behaviors (2)

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In this post, we continue the three-part series: 14 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained 

5) Kneading

Kneading or making biscuits is a common natural cat habit that dates back to when cats were nursing. When nursing, kittens use their paws to massage their mother's mammary glands to stimulate milk production.

Cats might also knead simply because they feel relaxed, happy, safe, and content. They also knead to mark their territory and to stretch, among other reasons. As a form of attention seeking, lap cats frequently knead their owners. If your cat's claws aren't sinking into your lap, kneading shouldn't be too much of a problem. When this occurs, it's probably time to place a soft barrier between you or trim your cat's nails as safely as possible.

6) Yelling or Excessive Meowing at Night

A common problem for cat owners is the excessive late-night meowing and howling their feline friends engage in, often at inopportune times. For many, this is nothing to worry about; after all, your cat may have seen something, may need assistance, or may be bored or lonely and want to play.

However, for some parents, especially if it happens frequently, this could be a symptom of something more serious, such as stress, illness, or anxiety. If this is the case, try to figure out why your cat is meowing and if the problem persists, seek veterinarian assistance.

7) Bringing you Gifts

Dead mice and birds, toys, and twigs are just some strange things cats are known to bring to their owners as presents. By doing this, they're often expressing their gratitude and love for our help in this way.

While bringing gifts is a nice gesture that your cat wants to share their bounty with you, it's best not to make a big deal. If you correct your cat for this natural behavior, or worse, if you praise it, you may wind up with even more gifts than before.

In some cases, this behavior may result from an underlying behavioral problem. Read our piece on how you can discourage your cat from bringing home dead animals.

8) Ignoring You

Cats are independent creatures and require some alone time now and again. Consequently, your cat's indifference to you is probably unwarranted and has nothing to do with you. If you notice your cat behaving this way, it's best to leave them alone. When they need some attention, they will come to you.

9) Knocking Things Over

As infuriating as it is when your cat shoves or knocks items off, this second nature to cats. Cats have extremely sensitive paws and often investigate new objects by swatting at them. This is also a practice they have with their prey. To grab our attention, cats will often knock things over, too.

Don't interact with your cat while they're engaged in this behavior. Notably, don't leave precious breakable items out where your cat can get to them; if they're really into water glasses, switch to plastic or metal until they settle into their new digs and play routine.

PRO TIP: You shouldn't always leave and rush to the scene when your cat breaks things or feeds them to quiet them. Wait a few minutes for the dust to settle, and then silently in and clean up the mess. This helps discourage this bad behavior whenever they want your attention.

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