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Keeping Outdoor Cats Warm in Winter: Options for Heated Beds, Heated Pads, Shelters, and More

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Like humans, cats can be affected and distressed by cold, especially during winter. For instance, feral cats are at risk of frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold-related health complications.

So, when temperatures drop during winter, it's important to ensure your outdoor cat stays comfortable and warm. The good news is that several options are available to warm outdoor cats during winter.

In this article, we explore several options you can use to protect your outdoor cat(s) from cold temperatures.

1. Heated Beds 

Heated beads are one of the best ways to keep your outdoor warm cats during winter. Such beds use a built-in heating element that provides your cat comfort and warmth. Heated beds are also available in varied sizes and styles.

When selecting a heated bed for your cat, ensuring it has a thermostat that will automatically shut off the heating feature when the temperature reaches a certain point is critical. This is because it prevents the cat bed from overheating and causing harm to your cat.

2. Cat Shelters

Cat shelters or cat stations are other beneficial options for keeping outdoor cats warm during winter. Such cat houses are designed to provide a safe and secure place for your cat to take shelter from the harsh winter cold and winds.

Cat shelters come in various sizes and styles like heated beds, including wooden, plastic, and even insulated igloos. When choosing a shelter for your cat, ensure it is large enough to move around comfortably. It should also be insulated to help retain heat and keep your cat warm.

3. Heated Pads 

Heating pads are also good for keeping outdoor cats warm during winter. They can be placed inside a cat shelter to provide warmth for your cat. They are also available in various styles and sizes, including cordless pads and pads with built-in thermostats.

When you decide to use a heating pad for your cat(s), ensure it is specifically designed for pets and has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating.

4. Insulated Jackets or Cat Sweaters 

Other excellent options for keeping outdoor cats warm during winter include cat sweaters, hoodies, or insulated jackets.

On one hand, insulated jackets are designed with a waterproof and windproof outer layer insulated to retain heat. You can get them in various styles and sizes, including jackets with hoods and strips. When choosing a sweater or jacket for your cat, it’s important to ensure it fits properly, allows your cat to move comfortably, and is not too tight.

On the other hand, cat sweaters are made with a polyester cotton blend with a soft nap inside, making them very warm. They’re easy to put on and off.

5. Fresh Food and Water 

During the winter, it's important to ensure your cat has access to food and water. When the temperature drops, water can freeze, so ensure your cat can always access fresh, unfrozen water.

Consider using a heated water bowl to ensure that the water remains unfrozen. Additionally, it's essential to provide your cat with calorie-dense cat food with the necessary energy to stay warm and healthy.

6. Scratching Post

Scratching posts are another key item for outdoor cats during the winter because they help them stretch their muscles and keep warm. So, consider getting a scratching post inside your cat's shelter to encourage scratching and keep them warm.

Providing your feral cat with the right items to stay warm can help ensure it stays healthy and comfortable throughout winter.

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