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Cat Safety: Tips to Ensure Your Feral Cat is Safe When Outdoors

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While the outdoors is ideal for cats, all too often, safety becomes a huge concern. The thoughts of whether your cat will come back in one piece can be disturbing. Why? Because the big, wide world is a dangerous place! Dangers range from other cats and creatures, to cars and people. There’s no shortage of potential cat threats lurking around outdoors.

Although you may convince yourself that you have no control over what happens outdoors, there’s something you can do. What you may ask? By arming your cat with the right gear to venture (or live) outdoors safely, you can take some weight off your shoulders.

In this article, we’ve compiled several approaches that can help with your cat’s safety when roaming outdoors.

1. Microchip your Cat

Having your cat microchipped is vital. In cases that your kitty wanders away from home, the odds of finding them increase if they are microchipped. Should a stranger find them and take them to a vet, the vet will scan the chip to get your contact details. Then, you will be reunited with your kitty. The chip should be regularly equipped with up-to-date contact information for smoother tracing.

2. Invest in Safety Collars with Tags

A great addition to microchipping, safety collars with tags is vital for outdoor cats. Both accessories help with easy cat identification and reunification in case your cat wanders too far from home. Nevertheless, not just any collar deserves to be worn by your cat. For one, choose a collar that securely fits your cat. Poorly-fitting collars leave your cat vulnerable to injury and accidents. Pick a quick release collar with a safety clasp. With a collar like that, your cat can easily break free if caught on branches, tight spaces, etc., lessening the risk of strangulation and bodily harm.

If your cat likes to be out at night, it’s critical to have a highly reflective or “glowy” collar. Reflective collars ensure your cat is visible at dusk, reducing the occurrence of car-related accidents.

Tip: Purchase a collar that can be stitched or engraved with identification details. Also, you may want to attach a little bell to the cat’s collar so you can hear them coming or going.

4. Invest in a Cat Collar Camera

Want to have some fun and know what your cat is doing while roaming the big, wide world? A cat-collar camera is an ideal accessory if you need information concerning your cat's activities. They are fixed on the cat's collar from where they record your cat's movements. As a result, you get the opportunity to get close up, follow, and monitor your cat's movement. Note: cameras can be bulky, can be uncomfortable for the cat, and are not recommended to be worn all the time.

5. Invest in a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is a pet tracking device that allows you to monitor the real-time location of your cat when outdoors. Although it doesn't protect them from possible danger, you'll at least know their whereabouts in case you suspect anything.

6. Invest in a Outdoor Cat House

The outside cat houses built by the craftsmen of UnderCover Pet houses are a perfect place for your cat to run and hide if they feel they need a dry, warm, secure place to avoid danger. Check out our entire line of cedar outdoor cat houses HERE.

The outdoors is essential for your cat's happiness, but the risks and uncertainty associated with the great outdoors cannot be overlooked. However, with some planning and precaution, your cat's safety chances increase. Above all, you can get some peace of mind.

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