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12 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

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Cats are often mistaken for being unaffectionate and reserved.

Because of this, recognizing whether your cat loves you isn't always easy – mainly because of their independent nature your cat may not give you the kind of love feedback you might want.

Nevertheless, cats have their own distinct ways of communicating their affection. Occasionally, you'll get meaningful glimmers that serve as a big declaration of love for you.

Here are ways you can identify cues and expressions of love from your kitty.

1. Head Butting and Cheek Rubs

Head butting and cheek rubs are social cat behaviors that are learned and expressed throughout kittenhood. Your cat produces scent from glands located on their head and transfers them to you through head butting as a sign of cat affection. 

What's more, that also marks you and mingles her scent with yours showing trust, friendship, and, above all, ownership.

2. Grooming

Cats are hygienic animals that enjoy their grooming. Between them, cats also display affection with mutual grooming. Occasionally, cats will also extend grooming to humans by using their tongue to lick them as they would their own fur. It's a way of mingling scents and is one way they show you their affection.

3. Sleeping on You

Cats love napping and are most vulnerable while they're sleeping. Remember, cats don't expose their vulnerability, so sleeping on you means that your cat feels secure, trusts, and loves you.

4. Vocalization and Body Language

While both cat vocalization and body language can mean many things, one of them is affection. Whether your cat leans toward sweet meowing, purring, chirrs, or chirping, such sounds communicate affection, security, comfort, and trust and are often reserved for special people with whom cats share a bond.

5. Scratching

Scratching leaves both scented and visual marks of ownership to a cat. Your cat will regularly scratch areas associated with you to show affection.

6. Kneading

Kneading is natural to cats from their kitten hood. As they grow, cats continue this behavior when they're feeling most relaxed, contented, and loved. You'll often observe this behavior petting them on your lap.

7. Eye Contact

Cats often look or stare at the people they love and trust through half-closed, blinking eyes. Interestingly, these blinks are considered cat kisses, and they send a sense of relaxation, contentment, affection, and trust. Reciprocate those cat kisses to your kitty to demonstrate that you also love them!

8. Bringing You Something

Cats retain their natural hunting instincts and the instinct to gift prey to those they love. Bringing you prey, be it toys or mice, is a huge love gesture from your kitty that deserves praise. Your cat wouldn't bring these special gifts if they didn't love you.

9.Gentle Bites/Pawing

No cat parent owner wants to tolerate a biting cat, but gentle nips or paws from your cat come from a place of love. Often, cats nip each other affectionately, and given that their skin is tougher than that of humans, your cat wouldn't really comprehend that their love bites aren't always enjoyable for you. Rest assured, gentle bites have nothing but good intentions from your cat.

10. Rolling Over

Next time your cat is comfortable enough to flash you their tummy, consider it a sign of their undying love and trust in you. It shows affection that your cat feels loved and protected because they're leaving themselves physically vulnerable on your watch.

11. Hanging Out with and Around You

Like humans, cats indicate who they love by playing and spending more time with people they love. You will observe your kitty following you around the house or by sitting next to or in the same room as you.

12. Wrapping Their Tail Around You

Cats tend to use their upright tails to indicate their love. They will wrap their tails around or rest their tails on you to show affection.

Cats love you as equally much, if not more than you love them, and they like to show it using a combination of body language, vocalizations, and postures. Although your cat's affection is subtle, look out for the listed ways your cats can express their love for you. 

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