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5 Common Litter Box Mistakes Cat Parents Make

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At first glance, the litter box seems fairly straightforward. However, cats are very particular about their restroom arrangements. If you have placed the litter box in an incorrect location, your cat may not want to use it. And we all know what the alternative is! If you want a happy cat with no litter box problems, you'll need to carefully plan your litter box strategy.

Here are 5 common litter box mistakes cat parents make. 

Not Enough Litter Boxes

Cat behaviourist Pam Johnson-Bennett explains, "The general rule of thumb is to have more litter boxes than you have cats. Usually one extra will do, but that also depends on the dynamics..." If you force multiple cats to compete for one litter box, you will soon be dealing with aggressive, stressed-out cats. They may end up eliminating outside the litter box. Also, no matter how many cats you have, you should have litter boxes on every floor. 

A Too-Small Litter Box

Occasionally, cat parents will purchase a tiny litter box to fit in a tiny corner. However, imagine if you had to deal with a toddler-size toilet. How comfortable would that be? When you purchase a litter box, get one that is one and half times times the length of your cat. This will fit her just right!

A Litter Box Beside the Feeding Area

Let's face it--who wants to eat within sight and smell of the litter box? If you don't want to, neither will your kitty. The best place for your litter box is a quiet, private spot, away from major traffic areas. Place it in a corner or against a wall so your cat feels more secure. If your cat isn't using the litter box, experiment with placing the litter box on different surfaces (tile, carpet, etc.) She may have a preference for a certain floor type.

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The Wrong Kind of Kitty Litter

If your litter is strongly scented, your kitty probably won't like it. According to the Cornell Vet College, cats generally prefer unscented litter. They also tend to like soft, scoopable litter more than non-clumping litter. To find out what litter your cat prefers, set out a few litter boxes with different types of litter. Within a few days, you'll know what he likes best!

A Closed Litter Box

Although a closed box may be very appealing to you (less cleanup!), your cat won't like it at all. Cats like to have a full view of their surroundings when they're in a vulnerable position. According to the Connecticut Humane Society, "closed/covered litter boxes can trap smells or be intimidating to anxious or sensitive cats." If you are trying to avoid litter box problems, don't buy a closed litter box!

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Were any of these tips new to you? What are your best litter box tips for cats? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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