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5 Popular Types of Outdoor Cat Houses

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Interested in helping the feral cats in your neighbourhood? One of the most basic needs of outdoor cats is for reliable outdoor cat shelters. You may feel a little overwhelmed when you start shopping for one. Cat houses come in a remarkable variety of styles, materials, and price points. So we've rounded up a few of our favourites for you.

Here are 5 popular types of cat houses.

1. The Cat House with Extended Roof

This cat house is built of high-quality cedar and insulated with Thermal-Ply insulation on all 4 sides. Available in small or large sizes, these houses feature:

  • A generous porch roof that helps shield the doorway opening from the elements
  • An elevated floor that keeps your pet off the cold, wet ground 

2. The Feeding Station

If you want to provide clean, dry food for your neighborhood cats, you can get a feeding station to hold the cats' food. Each cedar feeding station...

  • Comes in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large)
  • Can have an extended roof (with a 9-inch overhang)
  • Has 2 inch legs fastened to each corner to raise it off the ground 

3. The DIY Cat House

Some feral cat volunteers are already experienced DIY-ers and love to do DIY projects on the weekends. If that sounds like you, here are instructions for how to build a DIY cat house. These instructions are courtesy of Bushwick Street Cats.

4. The Insulated Cat House

Starting at $169 (+free shipping) for the Small Cat House, these insulated cedar cat houses are an affordable option for your outside cats. You can buy a small, medium, or large cat house for the perfect fit. Need more options? You can customize your cat house with...

5. The Duplex Insulated Pet House

If you are providing shelter for 2 to 4 cats or 2 small dogs, a duplex will provide plenty of room. If your cats want to maintain their personal space, you can add a Centre Divider to divide it into 2 rooms. Built with roomy dimensions and easy to assemble, this is a home that both you and your cats will love! 

Looking for outdoor cat houses? Find the perfect one at UnderCover Pet Houses today!

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