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Why Your Cat Wakes You Up at the Same Time Every Day

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If you're a cat parent, chances are good that your cat likes to wake you up in the morning. Whether nuzzling your chin, sitting on your chest, or meowing loudly, your kitty wants to make sure you don't oversleep your alarm. Have you ever wondered, "Why does my cat like to wake me up? And what about when it's Saturday and I want to sleep in?

Here are 5 reasons why your cat wakes you up at the same time every day.

1. Your cat wants breakfast!

If you usually feed your cat first thing in the morning, she will get used to that schedule. And, when she senses you are about to wake up, she'll come right over to help you get up. For her, it means getting to eat breakfast a little sooner.

2. Your cat is crepuscular.

Say what? "Crespuscular" is a ten-dollar word meaning that your cat is most active at dusk and dawn. Cats can see best in the low-light environment then. That's why your cat loves to socialize, frolic, and hunt right after sunset. When you're about to wake up, she's at her peak activity level.

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3. Your cat likes routines.

Because cats are highly intelligent creatures, they learn routines quickly. If you jump out of bed (or your alarm rings) at the same time every day, your cat will memorize that. She'll remember that it's time for you to get up. And, like a good cat, she'll want to help you stay on schedule.

4. But she can figure out weekend schedules, too.

Although it takes longer for your cat to understand the concept of sleeping in, she can adjust to your Saturday routine, too. Be patient as your cat adjusts to your routine. Some cat parents even report that their cats wake them up later on school break or vacation! Talk about intelligent kitties. 

5. Your cat can sense when you're about to wake up.

The most fascinating reason why your cat wakes you up at the same time is this. During the night, you go through five different stages of sleep. They range from sleep so deep that it would be almost impossible to wake you to light napping. In each stage, you have a different heartbeat rate, respiration, and activity level. 

For a single night, your body goes through four or five complete sleep cycles. Your cat is highly sensitive, and she can tell when you're in the lightest stage of sleep. And she's happy to help you wake up!

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