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14 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained (3)

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Here’s part three of the series: 14 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained.

If you haven’t read (Part 1 & 2), please check them out in the blog section. 

10). Going Outside the Box

A cat begins going outside the litter box raises serious concerns. For starters, ensure the litter box is clean, private, and easily accessible to all cats, especially seniors.

Another thing you should do is to ensure there are enough litter boxes (one per cat plus an additional one). It's a good idea to determine whether your cat prefers a certain litter box by trying various brands.

Medical conditions, including urinary tract infections, may contribute to issues with the litter box. If you see any changes in your pet's behavior or health, or if you can't figure out a remedy, consult your veterinarian.

11). Chewing Weird Things

Electric cords, blankets, socks, plastic bags, and rubber bands are just a few of the unusual things that some cats enjoy chewing on. Illness, worry, or even simple boredom can trigger such actions.

This behavior is harmful since it increases the risk of choking and intestinal obstructions. Specifically, cats that were weaned too soon may also experience this problem and try to "nurse" on soft objects like blankets and stuffed toys. Consult your vet to figure out why your cat is chewing on non-edible items and what may be done.

12). Drinking from Taps/Faucets

Most felines indeed prefer to quench their thirst from the running water. They'll hop into the sink and wait for you to turn on the water and drink before getting out.

This practice may have evolved from their wild ancestors' preference for fresh, moving water over stagnant puddles that could harbor disease. Today's cats naturally mistrust their water bowls and prefer running water from the sink. Moreover, the bowl they use to drink out of may be uncomfortable or overly tiny, leading to fatigued whiskers every time they try to drink.

It's not a big deal if your cat occasionally drinks water from the sink. If they get too demanding, you might want to install a constant pet fountain that constantly flows to satisfy their thirst.

13). Chattering

It's common to catch your cat making noises while watching birds from the window. What you hear is the culmination of their delight at sighting prospective prey and their anguish at being unable to attack.

Chewing on plants is typical behavior for cats. They mimic their natural activity in the wild by nipping, chewing, and eating grass and plants, which is why this behavior is seen even in housecats.

14). Nibbling on Plants

Cats may also ingest plant matter if they are suffering from gastrointestinal issues.

It's also not uncommon for cats to munch, lick, nibble, or chew on plants because they enjoy the taste or are bored.

However, many common houseplants and some outdoor plants can be extremely harmful to cats if ingested. The danger of injury and clutter created when cats knock over potted plants is another reason to cat-proof your house or backyard.

The Bottom-line

While some weird cat behaviors can be amusing or cute, others can be a real problem or indicate health concerns. Although most cat parents can effectively handle and correct common feline behavioral disorders at home, you should always consult your veterinarian should you have any questions or concerns.

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