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The Benefits of Providing Outdoor Cats with Shelter, Food Stations, and Fresh Water

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Cats love the outdoors.

As such, many cat owners allow their furry friends to roam outside. Also, some outdoor cats may not have owners, and it’s common to sight them in the neighborhood.

Whether they have an owner or not, these felines are independent creatures that benefit a lot from the care and attention of their human neighbors.

One of the best ways to help outdoor cats is by providing them with fresh water, food stations, and sometimes cat shelters to help keep them away from harm.

This blog post will discuss four benefits of providing outdoor cats with shelter, food stations, and fresh water.

Here’s Why Outdoor Cats Need Shelter, Food Stations, and Fresh Water

1. Improved Nutrition and Health

Outdoor cats feed through hunting and scavenging, resulting in an unbalanced diet or insufficient to meet their daily food intake.

By providing them with a feeding station, you can ensure they are well nourished with a balanced diet that meets their daily nutritional needs and prevents weight loss. It also prevents them from eating in unsafe places and scavenging through garbage cans and neighboring gardens, which can reduce property damage and conflict with neighbors.

Overall, this helps improve their health and increase their lifespan. Here are tips that can help you get started with outdoor cat feeding.

2. Improved Hydration

Animals, including cats, require a steady supply of fresh water. However, outdoor cats often struggle to find freshwater sources.

Providing them with a designated water station will ensure they have access to clean, fresh water. This can help prevent dehydration and promote their health, especially during the hot summer.

To provide outdoor cats with fresh water, start by choosing the right and safe location that the cats can easily access. For example, a covered area or a spot under a tree is ideal. Also, the selected site should avoid busy roads to avoid accidents.

Helpful Tip: Always choose the right food and water bowls. Specifically, the bowls should be sturdy enough to help prevent tipping over. Additionally, stainless bowls make a good choice because they are easy to clean, durable, and won't absorb odors. It's also essential to select sizes that can accommodate multiple cats accessing the spot. 

3. Reduced Hunting

Cats are natural hunters—they're born ready to hunt. So, generally, cats are highly energetic, active, and lively and often prey on small animals, including birds and rodents.

However, hunting makes them vulnerable to outside threats such as predators, parasites, vehicles, etc.

Providing them a consistent food and water helps reduce their need to hunt and decreases their impact on local wildlife. Furthermore, the reduced need to hunt prevents the spread of diseases carried by prey animals and the risks they may encounter when hunting.

4. Protection from Harm

While the outdoors offers cats reduced boredom and exercise, it poses many dangers and risks.

Investing in an outdoor cat house for the felines is crucial.

A cat shelter provides a secure and safe resting place, ultimately improving their health and lifespan.

You can get creative and try your hands at your own cat shelter. Better yet, an easy option is ordering an already-made and inexpensive cat house that only takes about 20 minutes to assemble with easy-to-follow instructions.

In Summary

Providing feral cats with shelter, fresh water, and food stations can benefit them and their owners. It can improve their hydration, nutrition, and overall health, provide protection and reduce their impact on decreasing the small animals and rodents population.

By caring for our outdoor feline friends, we can ensure they lead happy and healthy lives.

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