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The Insider’s Guide to Assembling a Cat House

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Here at UnderCover Pet Houses, our craftsmen assemble each cat house to ensure that it meets our high standards. Next, they take it apart and ship out the pieces to you. You might wonder, "How am I going to put it together? I'm not a carpenter, and I can't even use a hammer without hitting my thumb." No need to worry--our cat houses are designed to be very easy to assemble (and no hammers required). They even have pre-drilled screw holes! 

Read on for the insider's guide to assembling a cat house.

Want to watch a live demonstration? Click on the video below to see a cedar cat house assembled step by step.

In addition to your unassembled house, you'll need either a multi-function screwdriver or drill driver for assembling a cat house. You can purchase one of these at a hardware store.

Step 1:

Take all the pieces of your insulated cat house out of the box, and place them on a flat surface. (Tip: A table covered with a light plastic tablecloth would be perfect, so that you don’t misplace any screws.)

You will find a small plastic bag containing several screws, written instructions, and a drill bit.

Separate the screws into long screws and short screws.

Step 2:

Separate the pieces of the house into several piles. First, set aside the two rectangular roof pieces and the roof ridge cap. Next, set aside the two side walls and the front wall. We’ll begin assembly with the back wall and the floor piece.

Step 3:

Place the floor piece down first. If you look carefully, you’ll see the numbers 1 through 4 marked on the four sides of the floor. Since the back wall is #1, line it up carefully above the #1 on the floor. There will be 2 screws in the base of the back wall ready to be screwed into the floor, and the holes for them are pre-drilled. Just use the screwdriver or drill driver to finish screwing those in.

Step 4:

Take the side wall #2, and line it up with the #2 on the floor. Screw in the floor screws at the base of wall #2. Next, use the screwdriver to drive in the side screws that connect walls #1 and #2.

Repeat Step 4 with side wall #3, screwing in both the floor and side wall screws.

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Step 5:

Line up the front door on the floor, and screw in the one floor screw beside the doorway. Next, screw in the four side screws that connect it with the side walls.

Step 6:

Pick up the roof pieces, and lay them gently on the roof, lining them up carefully with the walls. When everything looks straight, place the roof ridge cap on top.

Take the 4 short screws from step 1, and carefully screw them through the ridge cap. (Tip: Screw in two screws on each end, with one on the left side and the other on the right side.)

Step 7:

Pick up the four long screws designed to hold the sides of the cat house in place. You will be screwing these under the eaves on the side walls. Insert screws under the front corner of the eaves and back corner of the eaves on both side walls.

Insider Tip:

When you need to clean the house, simply unscrew these four side screws. Then you can easily lift off the whole roof for cleaning.

Assembling a cat house doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. With this simple guide, you'll be done in no time!

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