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Want to Get a Feral Cat? Six Cat Breeds That Do Well Outdoors

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Cats make purrfect and pawsome pets. They spoil us with affection and companionship every day.

Most feral cats pick you, a stray cat in the neighborhood that just shows up at your door one day.

But if you were going to go looking for an outdoor cat, here are some breeds that do better than others in outdoor situations.

Cat breeds that are well-matched to outdoor living are the extra active ones, they can handle being out regardless of the climate, and the love exploring the outdoors. Now, although most cats would cherish some time outside, we can agree that some breeds thrive and are more suited to enjoy the great outdoors than others.

So, if you’ve been considering getting a feral cat, here is a list of some of the best cat breeds ideal for outdoor life.

1. Maine Coon 

A classic American cat breed, the Maine Coon is a powerful, long-haired cat with a trademark mane. These cats grow to 30 pounds and are incredibly active, independent, intelligent, and friendly. And with their dog-like behavior as well as a thick, waterproof coat, they are ideal for the great outdoors, even in cold winters.

2. Norwegian Forest

Slightly similar to Maine coons, the Norwegian Forest is a big, energetic, active, and thick-furred cat breed. Although friendly and intelligent, they love to be independent and are mostly bred for the outdoors. They can adapt to freezing temperatures and love to hunt and climb.

3. Abyssinian

Abyssinians are a smart and active medium-sized cat breed. Along with their super-friendly, playful, and curious nature, they demand attention as well as mental stimulation. Abyssinians are well suited to outdoor life, where they can run around, explore, and showcase their hunting skills. They love to perch on high surfaces and can be trained to perform tricks.

4. American Bobtail

Distinctive by their short, bobbed tail, American Bobtails are an extremely sturdy cat breed. American Bobtails are also known for their outgoing, friendly nature and brilliance to escape enclosures or closed doors to experience the outdoors. They love hunting, can easily be leash-trained, and are devoted to their owners.

5. Bengal 

A striking cross-breed between the wild Asian Leopard cat and domestic shorthairs, the Bengal makes a playful, curious, energetic, and outgoing pet. Also highly intelligent, they adore human company and require lots of mental stimulation. They can fetch, play in the water, and require regular exercise given their ancestry.

6. European Shorthair

The European Shorthair is a unique mix of many domestic cats. It tends to be sociable, athletic, and makes an intelligent, friendly companion. These cats make a perfect candidate for cat enthusiasts looking to adopt a feral cat, given their strong desire to hunt down rodents.

Like any other thought, getting a cat requires proper planning and knowledge – especially if you are considering an outdoor cat. The cat breeds listed above are better suited to outdoor living, due to physical make-up and various characteristics that would see them more content when they have their own living space outdoors. Good luck!

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