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What Do Cats Hate the Most?

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If you are the proud owner of a furry feline friend, you know that cats have definite likes and dislikes. Yet cats are creatures that are prone to extremes, and they have no difficulty letting you know when you’ve done something that doesn’t meet with their approval. Cats are unique beings and what bothers your cat may not be a problem for another. However, there are a few commonalities that seem to top the pet peeve list for most felines. What do cats hate the most?

1. Other Animals in their Territory

Cats are particularly territorial creatures and do not like it when other animals infringe on their space. Whether indoors or outdoors, cats keep a close eye on their environment, reacting poorly to other family pets or intruders that attempt to invade their territory.

Cats dwelling in multi-pet homes learn to cohabitate peacefully over time. However, care must be taken for this harmonious relationship to develop. Owners must be certain to not display favouritism to one cat over another as this can lead to resource guarding.

Some cats even become disturbed at the sight of another animal near their property.

2. Dirty Litter Boxes

One thing cats cannot abide is a dirty litter box. Since cats possess olfactory senses that are up to 14 times more acute than our own, a litter box that smells offputting to our noses is particularly offensive to a cat.

Clean your cat’s litter box regularly to help keep Fifi a contented kitty.

3. Noise

Cats are particularly sensitive to noises and will go to great lengths to avoid them. Some of the noises most cats find upsetting include fireworks, thunder and lightning, and even typical car noises such as the screech of tires, car alarms, or even the car horn.

Cats also become distressed by noises made by people including loud music, excessive partying, and arguments between family members. Sneezing can also cause a cat to startle.

Though not all cats are noise sensitive, you will easily be able to determine if yours is as the cat’s first reaction to unpleasant sounds is to bolt then hide.

4. Less than Fresh Food

When it comes to suppertime, your cat wants nothing less than fresh. Cats will not eat food that is spoiled or stale. If you place cat food in your cat’s dish and it sits out in the open for some time, your cat may turn her nose up at it, viewing it as past its prime.

If you find your kitty is not consuming her meals in a timely manner, it may be that you are feeding too much or too often. Reduce the portion size and/or frequency of the meals, and you should see this problem remedy itself.

5.Travelling in the Car

In general, cats are not fans of being contained, making time spent in the car no exception to this rule. Cats rarely go willingly on car trips, and you will often find yourself serenaded by the not so soothing yowls of Fifi’s feelings on the subject.

From time to time, travel by car will be necessary. The best course of action is simply to grin and bear it.

6. Unfamiliar People

If cats are not typically fans of people, they truly hate strangers. Most cats will run for cover at the sound of unfamiliar footsteps leading to your door.

7. Rough Treatment

Most cats will tolerate some petting, but they prefer it to be with a delicate hand. When a cat feels manhandled, it will often react with a hiss, bite, or a scratch designed to shoo the offending heavy handed petter away.

Your cat’s body language can give clues as to whether or not she is enjoying your caresses.

8. Having to Take Medication

When it comes to taking medication, cats are very much like humans: they hate it. To help get important medicines into your cat, it may be necessary to hide the pills in some particularly tasty food or treats. Cream cheese, peanut butter, and sardines are excellent for hiding pills in.

9. Being Ignored

Though you will find that your cat will readily ignore you, your cat will become extremely irritated if she feels she is not receiving your full attention. Unfortunately, determining how much attention is the right amount of attention from your cat’s perspective can be a very difficult task. Typically, your cat will remove herself from your presence if she feels she has had all the togetherness she desires for the day.

10. Being Wet

Though there are a few types of cats that don’t mind the water, most absolutely hate it and will avoid it at all costs. Thankfully, cats are very clean animals, so baths are typically not required.

Yes, our cats have definite likes and dislikes. Though many differ in their preferences, our top ten list hits on some of the things all our furry feline friends can agree are particularly unpleasant, in their opinion. 

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