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World’s Most Beautiful Cat Breeds

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Without a doubt cats are among the world’s most popular pets. They are gorgeous and by far beautiful creatures. From fabulous fur with attractive patterns to charming eyes, cats have an irresistible way of making people fall in love with them. That’s why we’ve assemble a list of the world’s most beautiful cat breeds!

Whether or not you own a cat, you’ve definitely seen one that caught your eye so much that you wanted to pet them or have them in your arms.

With so many beautiful and stunning cats across the globe, we couldn’t possibly include all this list. Nevertheless, these seven cat breeds top our list of the worlds most beautiful cats.

1. Persian

Majestic and attractive, Persian cats are a long-haired breed of cat characterized by a lot of fur, a rounded face, and a short muzzle. They are one of the oldest cat breeds, boasting a glamorous coat with more than 70 color distinctions including white, black, blue, silver, cream, red and many more. Persian cats are known to be quiet, sweet, laid-back, and loyal - demanding high-maintenance.

2. Birman

Having both pointed and medium-long fur with a silky texture, deep-blue eyes, and pure white feet, Birmans are lovely cats. They have a striking coloration on the face, legs, ears, and tail as well as a large body. Birman cats come in seal, blue, red, chocolate, cream colors with standard and lynx pattern points. They are smart, docile, quiet-spoken, and relate well with other pets.

3. Ragdoll

Characterized by blue eyes, silky and soft semi-long hair, Ragdolls are a rare breed with exceptional qualities. Also huge and muscular, they come in a couple of shades - ranging from seal, chocolate, and lilac to blue, red and cream. Ragdolls are very friendly, loving and submissive with a good-natured temperament. They are a favorite breed among cat people.

4. Siamese

These incredible cats are best known for their shiny, unique appearance. They have a cream-colored coat with striking color tips on the ears and around the face alongside blue almond-shaped eyes and a muscular body. Their coat colors include ivory, blue, white, chocolate brown and more. Siamese cats are very social, affectionate and can effectively communicate using various sounds. Besides, they require abundant attention.

5. Maine Coon

Do you love huge cats? If so, the Maine coon fits the bill. Renown as the largest domesticated cat globally, Maine Coons have a distinctive look featuring smooth and shaggy long-fur with a long flowing tail. The breed can be found in colors such as red, cream, white, black or silver. Although they tend to exhibit some dog-like behaviors, they are extremely friendly and affectionate, making them an ideal pet.

6. Scottish Fold

Cute with a trademark round face, small folding ears, and large eyes, their faces resemble that of an owl. Scottish Fold coat colors come in chocolate, blue, lavender, red and white shades. They are quite playful and delightful to have around.

7. Toyger

This cat has an elegant tiger-like semblance highlighting a beautiful orange coat with black stripes. They are very active, intelligent and can be easily trained.

Let’s wrap it up:

Like they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Whether your favorite cat makes it on our list or not, they are all beautiful in their own right. In any case, beauty is subjective and the cat that impresses you may not necessarily impress another person. Just pick a cat that appeals to your tastes and be a loving and committed feline owner.

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