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Thank you Danny. I purchased this same house 3 years ago and it still looks like the day I received it. These houses are well made.
omg i just got this and took about half hour to put together...it was so simple, But.....it is sooooo adorable!! It should have a sign hanging on it "Most spoiled cat" !!! I just hope he likes it as much as i do LOL
Thanks. Linda

I just finished putting the house together, using the instruction video on your website and I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with the product. It was so easy to put together (and I am not all that handy) and the end product is just pure quality. Thank you again for a terrific purchase. And feel free to use my comments for anything you might see fit. Regards, Shari Stern
 just wanted you to know that this house is great.  We put it together within 20 minutesand the stray cat that lives on my back porch is now using it and I feel so much better that she has a warm and safe place to stay.   Thank you so much.
I just wanted to say thank you for this cat house that was delivered. I followed your instructions and put it together in about an hour and cannot believe the excellent quality and easy assembly thanks to your instructions and markings on the wood pieces. I am very happy with my ebay purchase and thank you very much. John....Pittsburgh Pa USA
I received the cat house, it arrived yesterday about 2PM and we put it together in about an hour to our amazement because neither one of us is handy. We both want to tell you the item is a work of art, very high quality materials and assembling. You did an excellent job of design and ease of assembly.  To say I love it is an understatement. If I ever win LOTTO, I am hiring you to build our own home. I plan on buying a few more over the next couple of years because I do a lot of work with feral and homeless cats. I live on the border of 1200 acres of state game land, and there are always animals abandoned, feral cats, and so many need help.
I have an igloo but without a second door, they rarely used it. So it was cardboard boxes, Styrofoam coolers and straw. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. We always have a lot of snow and the cats took to it right away. I will sleep better tonight. Thank you.

June Reich
Greeley, Pennsylvania 
I bought one of your large feral cat houses this summer to give myself enough time to get it ready for this winter. I also bought the heated floor pad. I just wanted to say thank you for such and amazing product. You have helped me save the life of my half-in half-out feral baby many many times this winter, including last night. Thank you so much, I recommend you to everyone. Very grateful for such quality.
I can't wait to get the cat shelter.  I ordered a single house from you last year and I had two stray cats fighting over it. lol
I have some more strays that live together under the deck and I know they will appreciate the bigger house. Thank you for building these shelters, they truly make a difference especially in the harsh winters in Indiana.
God Bless 
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the cat house I ordered. The craftsmanship is commendable! It only took me 20 minutes to put it together and the directions couldn't have been easier. Two or three kitties will sleep extra warm tonight.  Thank you!
I received my house and put it together.  It was easy to assemble and it turned out better than I had imagined.  I already have one resident and the others are curious.  I will certainly pass your company information to others looking for a great product.  

Gina Thibodeai
Hi Danny, We love them, this is our fourth one! Nelson, Keef Murgatroyd and Wooly Bully have taken them over. #4 is just in case another cat comes calling... Patti and I thank you for such a wonderful and handsome home for our feline friends and all our neighbours love them too! Cheers, Peter
Thank you Daniel!
I have the cat house and heat pad. The house is built and looks great! 
Cammye O.
Just want to drop you a note about your Cedar Pet House that was just delivered.... Awesome quality!.... We're so happy with it and the stray we have been feeding will surely appreciate it as well... 
Congrats on an awesome product...
Richard and Sue
Thank You so much…the insulated cat house arrived yesterday and she went into it immediately…good thing cause it snowed last night..the feeding station will make her home base complete! Kathy
Just wanted to let you know that the shelters arrived and we are very happy with them. We have purchased three from you altogether (bought the first one last year), and they are fantastic - thank you, you are really helping with our rescue work. We have left you five star feedback with best wishes. 

Hello Daniel,
We absolutely love the 1st house we purchased from you in September. 
Thank you very much for the high quality product! 
It will sure keep our feral buddies warm this winter.
Many thanks!!!
I already have one of these houses, purchased another today...the ferals love it. And has been a home for my unwed mothers :) Looking forward to getting the second one, as the weather is much cooler now. Noble work you are doing...


Marilyn Nolte
Hello Danny,
Just wanted you to know that I received one of the three houses and put it together with great ease.
Your product is fantastic! Can't wait until the other two arrive… Have a great day!
Daniel, I just finished putting together the cat house. It was the easiest thing I have ever put together. It took less than 15 minutes and it looks great. Now if we can just get that stray cat in our neighborhood to go in, it will be perfect. You do great work, the house is well made and looks great.  

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