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4 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

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We all know that cats are funny, lovable, and smart. However, did you ever stop to think about what you could learn from your cat? Cats are born with a lot of wisdom, and they can teach us a few things. 

Read on to learn 4 life lessons from our feline companions.

1) Get enough rest.

Did you know that cats need about 18 hours of sleep per day? How do they fit it all in? To do it, cats take short naps between hunting, playing, and eating. Thankfully, we don’t need 18 hours of sleep, but most of us should aim for 8 hours per 24-hour cycle. We all remember Mom saying, “Make sure you get enough rest!” But, as adults, many of us tune out Mom’s voice and cut corners on our sleep time. Sleep loss can negatively affect your judgment, mood, and learning ability while increasing your risk of injury. It also increases long-term risk of disease and can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. There just isn’t a good reason to skimp on your sleep. Make sure you get in your zzz’s tonight!

2) Have fun!

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats can come up with some crazy ideas for having fun. From tearing up rolls of toilet paper to riding on a robotic vacuum, they are pretty creative! Just like cats, we need to make time for having fun. What makes you happy? Do you like to garden, meet friends for coffee, or just curl up with a rom-com and some dark chocolate? No matter how busy your schedule is, carve out time to do things that you enjoy. Life is short!

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3) Respect yourself.

If any animal could be chosen to represent the quality of self-respect, it would be the cat. Cats are confident, bold, and not worried about what anyone thinks of them. They are not shy about asking for what they want. If they have a problem, they will let you know! Sometimes, we worry too much about others’ opinion of us and allow it to cloud our better judgment. Like cats, we ought to live by the maxim, “I will do the right thing no matter what anyone says.” We should also be confident and honest in our relationships.

4) Be loyal.

Those who have cats know that they are loyal friends. Theophile Gautier wrote of cats,

Winning the friendship of a cat is a difficult business. The cat is a philosophical creature…who does not scatter his affections about indiscriminately…But once he has given himself to you, what absolute confidence! what felicity of affection! He makes himself the companion of the hours of your solitude, melancholy, and toil.” 

Like cats, we ought to choose our friends carefully, and, once we have committed, we should be the most faithful of friends. There is nothing more devastating than a friend who betrays you or speaks ill of you behind your back. Instead, be a loyal friend!


What life lessons have you learned from your cat? Which of these lessons was your favourite?

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