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6 Cat-friendly Add-Ons for Outdoor Houses for Feral Cats

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6 Cat-friendly Add-Ons for Outdoor Houses for Feral Cats

At one time or another, cat-owners have all looked for various ways to thrill their beloved pets. Some of us have been successful and for others, not that much. Making small adjustments in your cats’ life may give them comfort and a better quality of life. For some feral cat owners, knowing what outdoor cat house add-ons to choose can be stressful. Fortunately, we’re about to give you the information you need and make the choices easy for you.

Below are some products that would add to your cat’s enjoyment of their new insulated outdoor pet house.

1. Soft Heating Pads

After a tiresome-cold day, you’d love to sit around a fire. Interestingly, after hours of outdoor activity, your cat wants the same thing – heat! Designed for cats who love to roam, the soft heated pad is a brilliant orthopedic cat bed made of rugged super-soft PVC. These heating pads either measure 14" x 18" or 19" x 24" inches depending on your size preference. They consume low wattage and are water-resistant with an ability to keep your cat warm and relaxed when they lay on it even in winter temperatures. They are available for a majority of our shelter sizes and include a free fleece cover

2. Hard Heated Pads

Have a feral cat that’s a little more destructive? We’ve got the heating pad for that adorable furball too! It’s is a hard-heated pad which packs chew resistant features, all- rounded edges to minimize the cats gnawing surface and an 18” steel-capped power cord. The pad uses 25 watts of power to keep cats warm when they lay on it. At the same time, it adapts to and regulates the heat to your cat’s body temperature

3. Center Divider for Duplex Cat Houses

Do you own a number of cats? Do they get in fights sometimes? Most cats are extremely jealous of their space. Having Large or Small divider in your duplex cat-house could be the answer to this problem. This is a removable plywood center divider that slides exactly in the middle of your duplex cat house. Each side of the duplex cat-house has a door that leads to a room, so your cats have a two options in the house to choose from.

4. Round Door Inserts

Some cats just love to squeeze through holes or find spaces to curl in. Well, if your cat fits this description, it may relish a round door insert. Even better, the round door gives your feral cat house an urban styling.

5. Vinyl Door Flaps

Cats can barely operate a door. Consequently, you need to get them something they can get in and out of effortlessly like the Vinyl door flap. The flap is cut into strips that are wide and flexible enough to keep most of the wind and weather out while keeping more of the heat inside and allowing your cat’s entry/exit.

6. Extra Doors

An extra access gives your cat the convenience of walking in and out of its shelter freely from whichever route it chooses. Built opposite diagonally to the front door of the cedar cat house, it is fitted in the back wall of the outdoor food shelter for cats. Some cats prefer the extra door as a means of escape in case they are cornered in their house by a predator.

It’s nearly impossible to separate a feral cat from the outdoors. That’s why we offer these add ons that help your feral cat be more comfortable. 

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