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6 Easy DIY Toys for Your Kitty

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Do you love crafting? And does your cat like playing with new toys? We've collected an assortment of fun DIY toys that you can make for your cat. Most of these are inexpensive, easy, and oh so fun! 

Here are 6 easy DIY toys for your cat.

A t-shirt cat toy

This t-shirt cat toy only requires 2 or 3 old t-shirts and a sharp pair of scissors. After cutting the t-shirts into 3" by 10" rectangles, you simply knot groups of 6 strips together. They're cute and so easy! You can check out the full instructions at Muslin and Merlot.

A pom-pom cat toy

If you want a super simple project, this DIY cat toy will be right up your alley! Blogger Samantha discovered that her cats like homemade toys far better than fancy store-bought toys. She created these simple toys with empty paper towel rolls, a hot glue gun, and coloured pompoms. And her cats loved them!

A no-sew goldfish

Even if you're not handy with a thread and needle, you can make this no-sew goldfish toy for your cat. It only requires yarn, scissors, fibre fill, a small bowl, and yellow felt. After tracing the bowl onto the felt, you'll cut out a circle shape and stuff it with fibre fill. Then you'll tie it securely with yarn. If you don't have yarn on hand, you can also use string or ribbon. What a fun idea!

An on-point scratching post

If you like decorating, you'll love this cat scratching post. First, dye sisal rope in coordinating colours. The author dyed hers in three shades of pink for an ombre effect, leaving the top section natural. She then painted the cap and base with a lovely shade of rose gold. Have fun choosing colours that would coordinate best with your living room!

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A pom-pom kitty wand

Here's a fun version of the traditional cat wand that you can make yourself- a pom-pom cat wand! Cat mama Leslie has a 14-year-old Maine Coon named Eleanor Jane who prefers sophisticated toys. She writes, "So I thought I’d try my hand at creating an Eleanor Jane-worthy kitty wand with a few bits of textile loveliness. And pom-poms." I'm sure her fur baby was delighted!

A kitty tent

And, if you're a DIY expert, you'll love this simple cat tent. It's a little more complicated than the other projects, but it was just too adorable not to include. To make it, you bend two wire hangers over a cardboard square, and fit a t-shirt onto the frame. Cats love having their own spot to hide out!

Which is your favourite?

We'd have a hard time deciding which of these 6 ideas are our favourite--they're all so much fun! Which one of these is your favourite? Drop us a line to share your thoughts!

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