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Cold Weather Tips for Feral Cats

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Cold Weather Tips for Feral Cats

Are you concerned about helping your feral cats thrive during the colder months? Winter can be a difficult time for cats because of its colder temperatures and limited food sources.

With a little extra TLC, you can help your cats stay warm and dry. Here are 8 quick tips to help your kitty have a happy winter.

  1. Provide extra food, and warm it up before serving.
  2. Give them fresh water twice a day. Place the water in a deep bowl in a sunny area to prevent freezing.
  3. Before starting your car, check the hood and look between the tires. Sometimes, kittens will hide behind tires or crawl into the engine for warmth.
  4. Avoid using chemicals or salts to melt the snow. These can be toxic to cats.
  5. Provide a warm, insulated shelter. Look for a permanent structure with built-in insulation.

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  1. Keep snow cleared away from the doors and windows of your winter cat house.
  2. Make your winter cat house extra warm by adding straw.
  3. Keep antifreeze out of reach, as it is poisonous to cats.

If you follow these 8 tips, your cat can thrive—not just survive—through the colder months.

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