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Heated Cat Pads: Everything You Need to Know

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A heated cat pad is an essential companion to any cat home, providing your furry friend with extra warmth during cold days.

With our various heated cat pads, cat parents have often had several questions about our heated cat pads. As such, we found it convenient to address and answer the common questions cat parents have about our heated pads.

Let's get started!

How Do Heated Cat Pads Work?

A heated cat pad is a soft, comfortable bed for your pet. Heated cat pads work by warming the pad's surface to create a warm, inviting spot to lie down on.

Heated cat beds are often filled with high-quality cotton batting or fleece that will retain heat and form around your pet's body for maximum comfort. Heated cat pads are popular because they encourage cats to rest in one place rather than roam around the house or compound, searching for an elusive cozy corner that may sometimes be unsafe.

What are The Benefits of Heated Cat Pads

Heated pads are very comfortable spots where cats can sleep and relax throughout their daily activities.

Heated cat beds also provide added security and comfort to cats seeking warmth and closeness in a safe and familiar environment.

Our heated cat pads also represent an affordable way to give your cat a warm, comfortable place to sleep. They're beneficial for older cats, those recovering from surgery, or those with health problems such as arthritis. In general, heated cat pads are beneficial for all cats that don't cope as well in cold weather.

They're also great for other pets, like ferrets, and can be used to keep your furry friend comfortable anywhere you take the pad with you

Does Your Cat have to Lie on the d to Activate the Heat?

Our pads are designed to warm your cat when they lie on the pad. When the cat pet isn't on the pad, the heat will disperse into the air.

How Long Can I Leave the Heated Cat Pad Plugged In?

Our heated cat pads are certified and designed for 24/7 use. It's recommended that the pad is left plugged in when needed and allowed to operate without interruption.

How Much Power Do Undercover Heated Pads Consume?

Our heated pads only use 25 watts of power, making them energy-efficient.

What is the Surface Temperature of Undercover Heated Cat Pads?

Undercover heated pet pads feature thermostats to keep the pad's surface at 10-15° F above ambient room temperature when on, and your cat is away from the pad.

When your cat lies on the pad, it warms to a maximum temperature of 102° F- the natural body temperature of cats. Notably, the pad adapts to your outside cat's average body temperature to warm your kitty accordingly.

Choosing the Right Heated Cat Pad for Your Cat

When selecting a heated cat pad, look for:

  • A heating element that is well insulated and capped the cord entrances to prevent electrical hazards
  • A heated pad that is fully detachable for safety and easy cleaning
  • Heated cat pads with a design and material your cat will find pleasing such as Rugged, super soft PVC.
  • A heated cat pad with chew and water-resistant features

Ready to Buy your Cat a Heated Pad?

Our cat heated pads are designed to complement your outdoor cat shelter and are also suitable for indoor use. Your feline friend will love you more for such a thoughtful gift with guaranteed coziness and comfort.

Shop our 14" x 18" or 19" x 24" Soft Heated Pad or 9" x 12" Hard Heated Pad to find the perfect pad for your cat and enjoy free shipping.

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